To Do List

Trekking in Bhutan
Backpack VA section of AT all at once
Backpack WV, MD sections of AT all at once
Possibly backpack GA, NC, TN parts of trail one state at a time
Hike the Cotswolds Way
Swim with great white sharks (and sharkman)
grow quinoa
Make one more part of my life greener every year [ongoing]
drive (or green-ly travel) Route 66 Chicago>>LA
See the northern lights
Get out of debt completely
Build and live in a Tiny home
Write a book
Publish a book
Visit each Texas county
Knit an entire sweater for myself
Be able to live off the grid in my Tiny Home
Learn more languages
Swim with dolphins
Backpack in Hawaii
Hiking in Luxembourg
Join the ATC
switch to all CF bulbs
switch to all LED bulbs
Earn money busking in a subway station
Buy a piece of art made by Dave McKean