Mason Jar: Sprouts

Sprouts are ridiculously easy to grow; who knew? (Well, a lot of people actually.)

As I don’t want to go into a store of late and we still wanted greens and crunch, this was an easy addition to my mason jar repertoire.

For alfalfa sprouts:

    take 1 tsp of seeds
    Soak in water for 8-12 hours in a quart wide mouth jar
    Drain water the stand upside down
    Rinse the sprouts morning and evening

Takes about 3-4 days to get good sprouts. I put them in the fridge after they are ready, then they get used on salads and sammiches.

Radish sprouts are good too, a little spicier but take a few more days to get a full jar.

I store my seeds in a jar and I cut up the sack so that I can put the paper in over the lid but under the ring.

Sprouting Lids with Stand for Wide Mouth Mason Jars 4 Pack