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Have you signed the pledge to repeal Prop 8?

I just did. And over 200,000 other people have signed the pledge from the Courage Campaign, CREDO Mobile, and to repeal Prop 8 and restore marriage equality to California:

Usually, discussions of political issues wind down after elections, but Prop 8 is not about politics. It is about love, equality and civil rights. That’s why we cannot let the passage of Prop 8 stand.

We all need to talk to our family and friends about the importance of restoring marriage equality to California.

That is why I am asking you to sign the pledge to repeal Prop 8 and to tell your friends by forwarding this message.



I agree with

CA to gays: no marriage for you

Today is bittersweet…Obama got elected but it looks as though Proposition 8 will pass, banning gay marriage in California. Fuck you, California.

I agree.

You know, I have to think that the people who fought and died for rights of people, such as those who voted for this proposition (you know, the one that eliminates rights for people), are wondering if they made the right decision to help out people who just turn around and shit all over other people…

Apparently, y’all are now in a good place…good enough to screw those who are being discriminated against… and I am done defending anyone who turns around once they are comfortable and takes away others’ rights.

A bit of back and forth on Prop8

“Its not natural”
Neither is using certain drugs to cure cancer, other drugs to control diabetes, going into space, but you seem to be fine with going to the doctor and NASA.
Change happens.
Also, reality television is unnatural and it seems to be very popular.

“I was raised with the idea that marriage was between and man and a woman.”
My great grandparents (and probably even grandparents) were
raised with the idea that marriage between a white person and a person
of color was miscegenation. They were also segregated and taught that
anyone who wasn’t white wasn’t a full human, hence the experiments on black people.
That was wrong.

“I don’t like it”
Fine, don’t marry someone of your own sex.

“My religion says its wrong”
And my religion doesn’t say it one way or another, but more to the point, why is your religion writing legal policy? Separation of church and state is there for a reason.

Notes on Prop 8

Here’s their wording on Prop 8:
“Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”

I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and consider that they might try to explain why they are bigoted shitheads….

If they are trying to use logic to defend that, then they use the argument that “marriage is to produce children.”
What about couples who can’t reproduce?
What if a woman had a hysterectomy or a man is sterile? They can’t have children.
Does that mean they can’t get married because, really, what’s the point in your mind? They aren’t going to be popping out any sprogs, so its a waste of time? Right?
Doesn’t matter they love each other and want to protect each other (financially and otherwise) not to mention they want to declare to the world that they are for each other.
Its clearly a waste and just for nasty purposes.


Or they try to say that it would warp children because they would be teaching kids in school that “Prince Charming and Prince Charming-er” are getting married.
I don’t recall being taught about marriage in school. What the fuck does school have to do with this?


Or even that they would be forced to marry gay people in their churches? (Like they follow the law… puh-lease.
They claim their god is their ultimate law…why do they fucking care? And frankly, that bible only precludes to men getting it on, doesn’t say anything about women getting it on…no really, go look it up smartass.)
The court decision regarding equal marriage rights already said “no religion will be required to change its religious policies or practices with regard to same-sex couples, and no religious officiant will be required to solemnize a marriage in contravention of his or her religious beliefs.”

So, how would this affect the opponents of marriage between two PEOPLE? It wouldn’t… well, it would offend their RELIGIOUS BELIEFS, but last time I checked there is this thing called separation of church and state.
I don’t want my government making decisions based on religious groups..especially not their religion…

Also, this is so very clearly, obviously discrimination.
We’ve worked so hard to make certain that people (notice I didn’t say men, women, white folks, brown folks, pink folks, purple folks, black folks, plaid folks, xtian folks, wiccan foks, muslim folks, etc) aren’t judged, not hired, fired, sent to jail because of their age, gender, religion or number of body piercings.
Saying who can and can’t get married because of a religious tenet (that not even all religions give a fig about) is against everything we have worked to get rid of over the past however many years.

OK, so lets try this one… this is my test for legislation in terms of discrimination in general… if you can replace the folks in the sentence with another group and not have it be offensive, then it is a bit more equal…

“Only marriage between a christian and a christian is valid or recognized in California.” (yeah, sure, that would go over well)
“Only marriage between a white man and a white woman is valid or recognized in California.” (oh wait, we already fixed miscegenation…)
“Only marriage between a republican and a republican is valid or recognized in California.” (I wouldn’t be surprised by this, they try to get all the tax breaks for themselves…)

Nope, doesn’t work.
All of those preclude two people a right that other people have.

Remember when Virginia tried to outlaw the civil union/partnerships that gay folks were using to protect each other? They wrote the wording so vaguely that it ended up making lots of partnerships, such as two men owning a business together, illegal.

The whole point of the law is to protect all American people. Not make some people more protected than others… if you tried this shit in a job situation, you’d be smashed to bits.
Try not hiring me because I am female.
You can NOT hire me because I am a pain in the ass and can’t code PHP for shit, but that is reasonable.
Not because of my boobs (well, you couldn’t really hire me because of them either.).

Churches are not taxed and therefore should stay the hell out of government policy… you want to be part of the judicial process? Pay taxes and be a business. Write off all the shit you do and the donations you make and the poor unwed teenagers that are pregnant because you said “Just don’t have sex” that you end up taking care of off of your taxes.
Fine; write it off…get a really good accountant and pay your fucking federal and state taxes… but this shit about “I believe in invisible things that tell me all of you are going to burn in a construct that didn’t exist until the Romans beat the hell out of us and we decided to say “We’ll show you! We’ll win when we are dead!”” isn’t going to cut it here.

You can lobby all you want when churches pay taxes and don’t hide behind their status while being political anyway. You will be subject to the laws we all are. This is not the same age as when the church ran the world and ran rampant over things that they have no reasonable jurisdiction over… like me and my own religious beliefs (and my dang uterus.)

Why the hell am I so worked up over this?
I don’t even want to get married. You want to fuck up your life and get married? Go ahead. I don’t care. I think gay as well as straight people should be able to screw themselves by getting married equally (just don’t make me ever do it again.) I am, after all, an equal opportunity pessimist.
What I really object to is RELIGION and churches getting political and inflicting themselves on me.
I don’t belong to your religion, those are NOT my prejudices and frankly, the whole point of this fucking country was to get away from persecution based on your religion….

Guess who’s doing the persecuting now?