Sony VAIOs… dead to me now.

Will Danaher: Feeney, get your book out.
Set down the name, the one Sean Thornton.
Will Danaher: Feeney, have you written the name I gave you?
Feeney: I have.
Will Danaher: Well, strike a line through it.
That´s for him. Sean Thornton…

[The Quiet Man]

That’s how I feel about Sony right now.
Providing that they nut up and provide customer service and honor the extended warranty I bought (a goddamn 3 year fucking warranty); I’ll be mollified.
If not, you can be damn sure that I am disgusted and angry enough to write LONG rant (provinding communications word by word and in excruciating detail so that Google will pick it up and spread their misdeeds far and wide) and then NEVER buy another VAIO again.