This pretty much sums up…

my opinion of MJ’s passing:

And…there was a Michael Jackson cubicle shrine at the office. For reals. I’m still kicking myself for not having a camera handy. How to describe the unsettling display of MJ t-shirt, MJ cd liners, a little bouquet of flowers, and a pencil drawing of MJ and a llama? I thought it was a prank, but as the day unfolded, I came to the realization that it wasn’t…and every time I had to get up to go to that part of the office, I was torn between running away and laughing hysterically.

And the coverage on the news? People standing around with candles, sobbing and hugging each other? Prostrate on the ground in sorrow? Seriously?

No. I am not sympathetic to the public expressions of grief from the Michael Jackson fans. It’s weird, creepy grief.

And, no. I will not be crying myself to sleep tonight. I will be sitting up in the dark with a shotgun, awaiting the appearance of zombie Michael Jackson. And I’ll be ready for him. Oh, yes. I will be ready.



I like the trend toward the handmade and the eclectic craft-y design

But I’m seriously tired of chocolate brown, of bird silhouettes… and I never liked Eames chairs or mid-century stuff. [edit: oh, Jeebus]
Pretty much, I like the 1900’s-1920’s skip all that middle part and then pick it up in the late 1990’s when they started to re-echo that earlier period again.
Kilim rugs and steamer trunks are your friend.

I may need to find a different set of decorate-y blogs to read because half the time I just see the same shit, different days.

iPhone Reality Check

Here’s the thing about the iPhone.
Yes, it is cool, but frankly I don’t want to deal with all the brouhaha over this toy (and I am calling it a toy because any feature that I would like to have had installed has been precluded by the AT&T/Apple agreement, and I shall discuss that anon.)

I am wondering why AT&T isn’t getting more of the brunt of the fallout from this shite.
When you have a phone and you want to get it unlocked (as is now LAW) you call the service provider, that’s AT&T folks, and you ask for an unlock code.
Has anyone actually done this?
Has AT&T said no?
AT&T is the one who wanted an exclusive contract with the iPhone and has anyone looked at the contract as to what they have specified is required on Apple’s part to maintain this exclusivity?
There really is no precedent set for this kind of tenacity in the cell phone business, but then again, the iPhone is its own animal.

Apple, on the other hand is doing WAY more than other phone companies do to update their “phone”; as far as updates to the iPod, it isn’t unrealistic.
They haven’t even really bricked the thing either… if you BRICK it you cannot back out changes. This is possible. I’ve seen it on YouTube (and if its on YouTube it MUST be true…)
Anyhoo, if you hack your computer, you automatically lose all rights to bitch if you continue on with your updates from the manufacturer.
No argument here people, you can’t have it both ways.
Any of you who overclocked your computers know this as well. You take your chances and if it doesn’t work IT IS YOUR FAULT. Now, stop freakin’ whining about it. I have no sympathy for you and if you whine, I will just make fun of you-well, more than I already am.
Come on, they even warned you that the next update will break hacks. If you didn’t want to have that happen, you could just not do the update. Its not to hard to figure out. Even my cat knows not to do something twice that hurt her (but then again, I like cats better than people. Most people are petulant children who never grew up.)

Then there is the combined virtual entity of Apple and AT&T; just how much has Apple agreed to try to prevent use of the hardware that they contractually agreed to license exclusively to AT&T? (or if you want to harp on AT&T) just how stringent are their contractual requirements of Apple to prevent expected hacks? Is this just due diligence on Apple’s part?

But truly, AT&T is being seriously draconian in locking this thing down so hard. No carrier no wifi? Pardon me?
Apple is kissing AT&T’s ass by doing all this and it makes me wonder why the hell they offered up the iPhone to them in the first place. You can’t install anything, ringtones are as (or more) expensive than an entire song, any sort of useful tool is killed immediately and returns the iPhone back to what I consider a glorified iPod. And I even like Apple…
I smell a rat.
Steve Jobs is an arrogant yutz, but he still has a decent eye for a bargain… so what the hell was he thinking?

So to recap in a less snarky manner:
-Realistically, there are lots of ways of making the hardware work with other carriers. This is not a brick after you do the hacks (and consequently DON’T put in the update that Apple said outright would break any hacks.)
-Apple is most likely trying to live up to its agreement with AT&T as it is contractually obligated.
-People have a way to make this phone work on other networks BUT they must live with the consequences of making it do so.
-I don’t see why I would ever want this phone, it does virtually nothing if you play by the rules.

Oh and Dongmei Li of Queens, NY… shut your trap. I hope you are counter sued by every single person in this country for wasting the court’s time AND MY TAX MONEY because you are a stupid excuse for a human being and are simpering because you can’t get as much money as you paid for an iPhone because you bought it fresh off the boat.
If you bought a car and turned around to re-sell it, you would lose money, too.
Grow up and stop acting like a whiny little baby.

Dear webmaster at

“Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free!”

No, actually, it neither fast, nor simple.
I can’t say whether it is free as I have had zero success.

I can understand that you don’t want people to spam your forums, on the other hand, people like me whose primary email address is at gmail and petty things like capitalizing names that I don’t capitalize…
well, I give up trying to participate in your forums.

Its full of too many petty annoyances to even sign up to get in there-I can’t imagine what other ludicrous hoops you make your members suffer through to post.

Also, I tried to email you this feedback, but your email bounced.


Rob said:
“It’s pretty basic stuff, no different than any other second grader’s homework anywhere. But for us, it’s a gift. Not from God, because fuck that guy. It’s a gift from Schuyler, and the Big Box of Words, and all the people (including many of you) who have worked so hard to get her to this point.”


You know, I don’t begrudge anyone their beliefs, but what bugs the shit out of me is when people say “and its all because of (insert deity name here)!” well, sure if you want to believe that, but what about you? What about the people around you who supported you-and now you are negating their efforts? Those who helped you out? As much as I don’t really like people (because if you lived in my neighborhood, you’d feel the same way) there are a few good ones who deserve the recognition.
Did you not work hard for this? Practice? Try at all?

Writing is a gift…
Do you not edit? Don’t you practice?

People always told me that my natural ability and good eyesight were the reasons for my success as a hitter. They never talk about the practice, practice, practice. – Ted Williams

Art is a gift…
What about sketching to practice something new? Research?

What about just plain busting your ass when you are sick or tired and you just keep on going?

I hate those freakin’ make-you-feel-good, sappy, crap-filled, tear jerker stories that people always send you (with 7,000 names of people who have forwarded it before and if I was a spammer, then I would skip buying lists and just farm the lame ass email lists forwarded everyday in those emails…) but there’s one that was basically about this guy who was trapped on his house in a flood. Several people tried to help him and he kept refusing them and refusing them and eventually he was drowned like the scum sucking pig he is.
When he arrived at the alleged pearly gates, he got all up in god’s grill and asked why he didn’t help him.
“Well, I sent three people and you turned them away.”

Recognize things people.
Open your eyes.
Work for something and acknowledge your own efforts.
I like that Rob (and Julie and Schuyler) is busting his ass to make things work.
That is what its about.

Let’s translate this, shall we?

Zeta-Jones: ‘Acting Is A Hobby’
Because, goodness knows she’s not good at it.
Welsh movie star Catherine Zeta-Jones insists acting is merely a hobby for her — and would be able to cope if she never appeared on the big screen again.
She’s set her expectations so when they realize she’s a hack, she won’t be devastated.
The “Legend of Zorro” actress, 37, who reportedly earned $8 million in 2002 for her role as Velma Kelly in “Chicago,” is aware her career may falter when she turns 40.
Because even she knows her looks are more important than any ‘skill’ she may or may not have

She says, “Everything I do with my acting is a bonus. It’s like a hobby. I’m not one of those people who are so self-centred that they just have to do it.
“I think people who love acting are vapid…” and people who work to perfect a craft are just wasting time.
“I do the best I can with my work and when I hit 40, maybe things won’t change. If (my career) falters, that’s fine by me. I just think it’s good I’m aware of the possibility of that.”
See reality check listed above..
The actress, who lives in Bermuda with her husband of six years Michael Douglas, divides her time between the family home, holidays and her charity work.
She found her bankroll, now she can go spend it. without such plebeian exercises such as work.

She adds, “I’m very philanthropic and I like investing. I love that part of my life.”
“I’m philanthropic, but I’ll denigrate other people who love acting as self-centered narcissists.”