Weekend recap

Priority items first: Bunny is GREAT. (I didn’t post on Saturday and Mama texted me a little worried – she knows I just shut down when bad things happen, I think I posted it on Facebook though.)
No bloodwork back yet, but the vet was super impressed that she gained 2 whole pounds and is eating all the time.
He seemed concerned and asked how much regular cat food I was giving her but wasn’t all that upset when it only turned out to be about 10-15% of her food all day.
He said he had planned to test for hyperthyroid, but that since she hadn’t lost weight (and kept it on without me using the anti-nausea medicine AT ALL) he didn’t need to test for it.
He said keep doing exactly what I am doing, its clear she’s thriving (and I told him about her being excited about the renal diet food and trotting though the house, then levitating on to the very high bed and he looked thoughtful and said “amazing. at 17 even.”) and I might not have to bring her back for 4 months this time depending on the numbers.
I got a second prescription for a different brand of renal diet food to maybe get her off the regular cat food – it wasn’t a problem with Bunny needing the flavor, but when I tried to move her only onto the renal stuff, she got a bit runny and I sort of freaked out and didn’t want to lose any ground by letting her get anywhere near dehydrated again. So I went back to the previous mix. He said that was weird but if it made a difference, definitely keep her hydrated. I asked if he wanted to give me another script for a different kind of food to try to see if that would work instead, he did and I need to order it today..can’t find anything locally at all.

Saturday had started off way too early.
At 5 am (you know, that time I don’t ever want to see) Bunny was jumping up and down on me a little worried. I figured that she was just hungry, so I rearranged her food only to find that the ants were there before me.
So I dragged my arse out of bed, fed her in the kitchen so we’d have about 5 hours in between feeding and the vet visit (they say 12 hours, but it is just too hard on her to go that long without. I told the vet that and that the last time we came in she didn’t do 12 hours either and the numbers held steady then as well. We shall see, but I’m still not going to torture my cat when I know I can prevent it.). Then I attacked the ants with the Method Grapefruit Wipes and spray. Works like a charm, but I’m not charming at 5 am, so I made coffee and watched some infomercials.
I knew if I went back to sleep I’d miss the vet appointment, but I catnapped anyway and woke up just in time to throw clothes on, catch Bunny and go.
She was utterly unamused by this trip.
Survived the trip there, the appointment and back home (Bunny didn’t unwind as much as she had previously, so she sulked for a little while when I got back.) I knew if I fell asleep I was going to sleep all day, so Tex and I went to Mikey and Lee’s and got some errands done, had some AMAZING ribs then came home to feed the Bunny.
She’d forgiven me by then.
Sunday I got a harebrained scheme to fix my closet that refuses to be tidy. I moved my Elfa drawers back into the actual (and woefully inadequate) closet then decided to add another hanger rod where it used to be (here is a pic of the set, but it is two iterations out of date… the luggage was where the Elfa drawers were and now the new hanger rod.) to hang all my trail clothes/cold weather clothes/favorite new thing du jour.
Have I mentioned I LOVE Stolmen? Its like a closet version of Tinkertoys.
I got more hangers at Ikea on a kamikaze run last night before they closed (I was feeling that manic feeling where I’d never sleep if I didn’t get this done RIGHT THEN) as well as that light that I wanted originally, a new dish scrubby and some skirt hangers. Got it all hung and leveled (with the help of a free iPod touch app ;) ) and my clothes are being arranged slowly. I need a few more of those padded pants hangers from Target, but they were out of stock yesterday when we went. I’ll go today after the doctor’s appointment. (Podiatrist, the foot is immensely better, but still not there… it feel crunchy when I accidentally roll on it and that squicks me out something fierce.)
I’m tired and busy (nothing new) and all I want to do is hang out with the Bunny and either read or design new closet iterations (nothing new).Still need to win the lotto, but it is being recalcitrant.


Easy As ABC (yoinked from Mary)

A is for age: 38

B is for beer of choice: Shiner Bock

C is for career: geek, evolving daily.

D is for favorite drink: Diet Orange Sunkist

E is for essential item you use everyday: Treo 650

F is for favorite song at the moment: Hold On, Hold On | Neko Case

G is for favorite game: Loco Roco

H is for hometown: Kermit, Texas

I is for instruments you play: Nintendo DS Electroplankton

J is for favorite juice: Orange juice, pulpy

K is for kids: meh…

L is for: Longhorns

M is for marriage: been there done that, lost the t-shirt in the divorce.

N is for name: fredlet

O is for overnight hospital stays: once when I was 4? 5? nothing really life threatening.

P is for phobias: being laid off, heights and touching wet things in the drain

Q is for quote: “Kill them all and let their god sort them out.”

R is for regret: There’s no point. Everything you do makes you who you are (or what you are); just try not to repeat mistakes.

S is for self confidence: I have some somewhere…I think it might be behind the couch.

T is for time you wake up: 10:00 am is when I wake up; I usually get up earlier though.

U is for underwear: I like ones with polka dots

V is for vegetable you love: roast carrots and mushrooms

W is for worst habit: luggage

X is for x-rays you’ve had: Dental, shoulder, chest, knee.

Y is for yummy food you make: Cornbread

Z is for zodiac sign: Sun — Leo. Moon — Gemini. Rising — Sagittarius.


Cool Home Office

My Home Office, originally uploaded by Caldeira & Co..

I miss not having my luggage out.
I might have to move..
1. my apartment is a bit full
2. the drive to work is eating my soul a little
3. ants
4. I live on the Hayward Fault (and they just decided its probably attached to the Calaveras Fault.) sigh.

GREEN BAY, WI:3tacon (part two-o)

[3tacon on Flickr]
One of the funny things that Amy and I talked about when we were sitting around in the pub was how when we got MikeIAm’s emails that simultaneously we PANICKED about somehow not being able to get to Chicago.
“As God is my witness…” the phrases seemed to start out every time we mentioned the fact that o’Hell might not be accepting incoming flights. Then the discussion moved onto the aftermath of the weekends; where we all get home to our respective families and they see a tired, somewhat hungover, slightly physically broken, yet grinning stupidly, husk of a person and they say “I don’t think I’m going to let you do this again.”
Once the initial panic passes (that point when we realize that no one is capable of stopping us from doing this) we say “you aren’t the boss of me.” and then start planning for next year.
I was surprised to see how pervasive this whole scenario was amongst the con folks.
Its a funny thing these gatherings.

Now, we’ve all discussed it ad nauseum, however, I finally think I get it. (‘It’ being that whole thing about my invisible friends and how important they are to me.)
I’m invested in these people. I read about their lives (well parts of them, not everyone goes into total detail) and, depending on how long I’ve been reading them, I know a lot of the back stories. Most of the time there is sympathy and empathy for them (generally if I don’t sympathize, I tend to fall off on the reading). These people are witty, human and when we all get together, its generally a giant reunion even with the folks I’ve never met before.
You get an inkling of what is going on in their heads even if they aren’t loquacious in person because you know what they write and that tends to be how they think.
So, with that all in mind, 40 of my best friends and I proceeded to freak out Green Bay freakln’ WI in the dead of winter.
We missed the storm of the century by a few weeks with the equivalent of the AT’s trail Magic in what I will here after refer to as “Con Magic” (until I come up with a better name for it-like Gertrude or something equally ridiculous.)

Friday night in Green Bay was at an Italian restaurant.
We stuffed our faces with carb-y goodness (to absorb the impending alcohol at the Bad Bar II(TM)) and then proceeded onto the bar.
I’m not a huge drinker.
I think I’ve had maybe a glass of wine in the last year, not because I am a teetotaler or morally against it (I’m morally against violence as a part of religion), but because I promptly go to sleep after drinking it 99% of the time. So I wasn’t buying anything at the bar and I didn’t notice that I lost my driver’s license and one of my credit cards on the way over there.
I did notice after midnight or so. I backtracked where I went that night as much as I could, but certain areas were covered by a new layer of snow. Didn’t find either of my items.
No one reported it or called me back with success.
The next day I spent calling my card companies and getting them de-activated (after checking that they hadn’t been used) and then got Tex to scan my old passport and DL’s for a half-assed photo ID at the airport. I also checked with the rental car company and the hotel to make certain that they got their pound of flesh; luckily they were pre-authorized charges and no arguments there.
I did miss the Door County tour (which I didn’t like) as well as hanging out with Kari (which I REALLY didn’t like) but I did get to hang out with Bullshit and Amy (which I liked a lot). I wasn’t wigging out…which was very strange for me.
Also during the day, Amy and I went out to some stores to forage for emergency rations of PeptoBismal and Pedialyte for Trancejen (who effectively missed the entire weekend with a flu that was a monster) and for a toothbrush, toothpaste and other necessities for Mare (her luggage went AWOL and didn’t show up until about 10 minutes before she was scheduled to leave for home-stupid Merc Rx.) I did still have one card that I had left in the room when I pared down for the evening, so I wasn’t without funds.

Saturday night was the sleigh ride, so I donned my fox ear hat and beelined for the barn kitties. I picked one up and he/she hopped up on my shoulder and rubbed my hat’s ears.
So sweet.

The night was a bit more low key but still good and we all stuffed our faces with booyah and traded swag and hung out. Quote of the night was “Fredlet, you are cute, but you are SO evil!”

I came back to the room took a shower (taking care to close the dang blinds…especially the gap where it opens on its own…because mooning Green Bay when you aren’t drunk is just lame.) pawed through my stuff again in the vain hopes that I was just a disorganized dork then went to bed.

Next up:Sunday.
(Should only take me ’til next year to get that done. You are in luck!)

snicked from Hiromi

9 lasts
1. last place you were: work
2. last soda: diet sprite
3. last kiss: not saying. ;)
4. last movie seen: Pride and Prejudice
5. last CD you listened to: (on my iPod)
6. last bubble bath: when I was 6
7. last time you cried: no comment
8. last alcoholic beverage: Shiner Bock most likely
9. have you ever gotten drunk and thrown up: yep. a LONG time ago

8 “Have you evers”
1. have you ever dated someone twice: Yes, and now I have a rule about that very thing.
2. have you ever been cheated on: Yup. That fucker.
3. have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it: Yep. Sometimes I get caught up in what I can do rather than what I should(n’t) do.
4. have you ever fallen in love: Yep
5. have you ever been depressed: what a stupid question. Clinically depressed? I dunno.
6. have you ever hit another person: No. Not when it wasn’t in jest.
7. have you ever skinny dipped: yep

7 states you’ve been to
1. Texas
2. Hawaii
3. New York
4. California
5. Nevada
6. Oklahoma
7. New Mexico

6 things you’ve done today
1. Yelled at Fidelity investments
2. cleaned out my car
3. Petted my cat
4. Wrote out about 50 items on my to do list
5. Thought about bags
6. Thought about packing the aforementioned bags

5 favorite things in no particular order
1. my cat
2. sushi
3. luggage
4. red leather
5. really good coffee

4 favorite colors
1. brick red
2. purple
3. periwinkle
4. baby blue

3 people you can tell anything to
1. Kramer
2. Martha
3. Bunnycat

2 things you want to do before you die
1. See the northern lights
2. travel A LOT more

1 thing you regret
1. Being a total shit until the age of 21