Tex’s birthday

He would have been 52 today.
Oh I do miss him, but at least it doesn’t rip my heart out to think about him every time… and for that I am very grateful.
Takes a toll on a body to ache so hard for so long.
Miss you bub, have cake.


Our time is so short, forgetting is so long.

The lesson I had to learn this year was that the love is always there.
No matter if the person is not.


I miss you Tex. Be at peace and know that I love you.

Pink Sith.

Darth Pinky?

2012-11-19 16.22.18

At any rate, this was taken a year ago. Tex was cold, so mama put towels in the dryer and we draped him with warm towels. He loved it.

Images from the past

The thing about inheriting Tex’s iPad is that I find echoes of him here and there. This was from 1 year ago in the hospital (just before the really bad days hit) and he was setting up iMessage.
He was rocking the epic crazy hair then and shaving was an infrequent occurrence…


Tex 6/27/12