(This entry will be craptacular as I am pecking it out on my iPod touch (Bunny wants me near her in bed and didn’t feel like setting up my netbook) and I tend not to read it too closely when I do that. So just pretend I’m drunk and all will be fine.)

So Bunny went through a dreadful few days this last week where her hindquarters just weren’t working. That is an ominous sign. Normally I can snap her out of any overt leg weakness with extra fluids, but this just wasn’t doing the trick this time. It was also pretty warm this last week so in addition to the pet heating pad (warmer than the adjustable human version and constant warmth) she was zonked out from the heat. When the fluids kicked in she was alert, good appetite; but not too stable.

Of course the vet didn’t have too many good things to say, and he was kind about it but it still killed me to acknowledge it. So I started looking around to see what I could change. I put the heating pad on a timer: during the warm parts of the day (and of course it cooled back down to 60 degree weather again in the meantime) it cycles off every half hour for 15 mins. Then at night it’s off every hours for 15. She’s back to fluids once a day and walking all over the place and on me occasionally. Wakes me up all hours for food and snuggles. I’m getting no sleep and am a zombie at 10 pm but I’m really freakin’ happy.

Lesson learned: Dont bake the cat.

This, of course, means I don’t have time to read (I’m saving all the latest books for when I need to be heavily distracted anyway) or knit (and am waiting for Jennifer to teach me the next bit after shaping the heel-but she’s crazy busy packing up to abandon me for the east coast so that’s a challenge) and most of the rest of time is mopping, cleaning and almost coma naps.

Wildly exciting, n’est-ce pas?

This weekend was an exception. Surfing the feel-good Bunny vibe, I slept, saw Toy Story 3 (Aliens FTW!) and a bit too much shopping (bought pants, a swimsuit top and some t- shirts to wear to work when it gets hot:currently still am wearing sweaters (I adore the bay area the weather spoils me silly))

Happy about Bunny and about to save my pennies for a Dell Streak if it is unlocked-I suppose I should stop going buy-buy. ;)


You’re welcome.

(oh and at about 1:09, I have never loved Craig Ferguson more… I’m just sayin’)

I think I have a problem…

See this?

This makes me giddy.

I stared at it for 10 minutes in Target thinking of all the things I could do with it…
I could have beans slow cooking in one and then set up steel cut oats in another one and then also whip up something for dinner in the third.
Yegods, I’m a crock pot slut.

(Oh and my grandfather’s recipe for spaghetti sauce is teh awesome in the crock pot.)

So, Bunny.
I mentioned that I am SUPER HAPPY about her anemia backing off… primarily because the hematopoietin that they would have to give her (an injection daily) to stimulate the red blood cell creation (it is normally secreted by the kidneys, which aren’t doing so much lately) and has a high rate of rejection. After a couple of months she won’t tolerate it anymore… and my vet didn’t mention that there were alternatives to that.
So, while end stage renal failure is bad; the time for injections really does mean end-type things. However, the vet said we didn’t need to come back for 5-6 months after the last appointment (Dec ’08) so that will put us in May… 1 year from when she crashed. This is not too bad for a cat in renal failure. When he has her come in more frequently that will not be good. So far all her appointments have gotten progressively farther apart. (Doesn’t mean I’ll slack or not watch her like a hawk…we might even run in a little earlier in case of fredlet freak out..)
Mikey’s dog had renal failure and dogs don’t handle it very well at all (Shadow died within several months) but his vet mentioned a couple of things that made my ears perk up…
1. cats seem to deal with it pretty well.
2. there is an alternative to the hematopoietin that doesn’t have the rejection… but need to go grill the guy to find out exactly what it is.
I suspect it will take me going there for an appointment (but I won’t drag Bunny, she hates travel) to talk to him at length and get the information.
While I do love my vet, we’ve been dealing with him and another lady who isn’t there anymore for the last 13 years. So they do know Bun, but if I can find an alternative that he will consider, then I will do so.
Anyhoo, she’s eating and eating and eating, biting me to wake me up to feed her, walking all over me and generally being my Bun. Its lovely and I’m doing my level best to BE HERE NOW and not dwell on the nebulous end…sometimes its hard, but I’m trying to keep my extra-strength imagination in check.

I also got back to walking this week. I plugged in my Nike+ to my nano and did about a mile+ every day and was able to track it and measure it then sync it to the nikeplus website, and I was pretty pleased with it.
nikeplusDespite the fact that I am horking up a lung, today I went out and did more than a mile (30 minutes today; I did 1.04mi in about 18 minutes the last few days…so maybe 1.7 miles?) but I couldn’t tell you exactly how many miles I did because the little fucker disconnected and wouldn’t resync.
Turns out its quite a common occurrence with no known fix…and a profound silence from both Nike and Apple about the whole thing.
So, you’ll just have to take my word for it. I can’t post my little progress widget that they generate on their site with information synced from my nano to prove it, but I will be manually doing it. And if I can get the thing to read again I’ll try. However, part of the issue is that it poops out in the middle of the workout (today’s poop was at 20 minutes and I walked 30ish) and doesn’t keep track of anything but time.
So, the plan is to do 5+ miles a week which is not much, but its a compromise as I get to walk in a safe area by myself and I don’t get sweaty and can go back to work. I can’t stay after work to do it either as I need to get home to Bunny to feed her. (Though I have some things I’m going to try to remedy that to let me stay just a little later in the evening and if I’m a bit sweaty no one will be in the office to notice anyway. Of course I’ll post on it when I get it sorted.)

Relevant ;)

from Mystic Bliss:


PERSONAL CLOTHING: Strong normal clothing (according to season). Preferably cotton even for summer, woolen clothing for the evening and winter.

1. Sleeping Bag (down, 0-5 O C)
2. Strong comfortable trekking boots-water resistant for the rainy period (June-August)
3 .Sunscreen
4. Flashlight
5. Rain Coat (especially for rainy period-June-August)
6. Head gear/hat./cap; sun and rain protection
7. Water pills- for extra caution in purifying stream water: (boil water is provided a times during the trek)
8.Aspirin- in case of altitude sickness
9. Lots of socks
10. Warm undergarments

Folding umbrella (only for wet months-July and August)
One Towel
Pillow Case
Wet-packaged tissue paper

all over the fekkin’ place

I went to Marshall’s earlier this week to see what they had in stock for my vision of Turkey Day. I am not buying a lot, but there were just a few pieces I didn’t have for serving that I wanted.
Paradiso plateI have these black square plates, but I only have 5 and I wanted a round number for a buffet type party thingy. 5 didn’t quite cover it. I looked at the usual places I used to see them, but I worried that they were out of print production. And it was Monday so I was in that nutzoid state that just clawed at my chest in frettitude. (as an aside, if I let myself fret like this by myself, I make this noise like my mom’s dog Sophie when she gets frustrated or whatever it is that she is upset about. I have no idea what that is. Its ok Sophie, honey. I understand.) And I just couldn’t find anything that would work along with them (I could deal with a black plate that complimented them or a white one – but everything seemed to be a too different feel) and so I did a serious amount of Google image searching, but then I finally went to BB&B’s website and found them! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. I guess I forget they are online.

So, that’s ordered.

Now I was looking for little tiny soup bowls that are not curved at all, sort of delicate and white. Somewhat like ramekins, but without the fluting… and taller. I’d never seen any, so I really had no idea if they even existed. I’ll be making squash soup and I figured no one is going to want a huge bowl of squash soup (no matter how damn good it is with creme fraiche) with all the other food I’ll be shoveling into their gobs. (No one goes hungry around me on Turkey Day.) and I figured small bowls that they could put on the black plates would give them enough soup and they would be able to have it all on the plate without having to carry around two dishes. (Though I will have TV trays strategically placed around the house for setting things down.)
Murano Glasses 43I found some normal ramekins at Marshall’s as well as some drinking glasses (my last set I bought in Austin during college; out of 12 I am on my last one. So I allowed as how I could buy another 12 and they would last for several years as well.)
So I bought 2 sets of 4 (and needed to go look for a third set hence the return to a different Marshall’s-and I got some at the other one, so I returned from the hunt triumphant.) and the ramekins that I could return if I found the perfect thing somewhere else later. I like Marshall’s. They sometimes have the weird pieces in my china pattern and I am a total Polish Pottery slut, so I go there to fondle them without buying. (Does that make me a Polish Pottery tease?) but they also have lots of cool pottery and dishes.
I am pretty good at resisting kitchen things since my kitchen is wee tiny and I have no real storage, but I am on a mission for Turkey Day, so I allowed myself a nice white baking casserole dish which will look beautimous with the soup in it.
I also found the PERFECT BOWL, however, it had no price tag and I was pretty sure it was a sugar bowl missing the lid. I would have tried to buy it, but only one of the PERFECT BOWL just wouldn’t cut it and I’d just completely get wiggy over it…. So, I. Just. Let. It. Go. (I’m working on it, really.) Though I did make a note of the manufacturer mark on the bottom…
Ah well.
PERFECT BOWLBut it happened that the PERFECT BOWL happened to be the same imprint as the casserole I got as well…
The imprint is b.i.a. cordon bleu and when I Googled it, the PERFECT BOWL appeared right there on the front page of the website. (Well, actually turns out I want the 8oz quiche dishes… and I found them here. But still… I love it when I find the exact thing that is in my head.)
Can you hear the chorus of angels? Yes, this has been an utterly manic/depressive week.
Now I just have to order some.

And then the bufet.

We used to camp here when I was little

A torrent of water from an overflowing lake sliced open the earth in 2002, exposing rock formations, fossils and even dinosaur footprints in just three days. Since then, the canyon has been accessible only to researchers to protect it from vandals, but on Saturday it opens to its first public tour.

“It exposed these rocks so quickly and it dug so deeply, there wasn’t a blade of grass or a layer of algae,” said Bill Ward, a retired geology professor from the University of New Orleans who started cataloging the gorge almost immediately after the flood.

The mile-and-a-half-long gorge, up to 80 feet deep, was dug out from what had been a nondescript valley covered in mesquite and oak trees. It sits behind a spillway built as a safety valve for Canyon Lake, a popular recreation spot in the Texas Hill Country between San Antonio and Austin.

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