Sad and Pathetic

Of course I am rage filled, indignant, disgusted, horrified and all sorts of other pessimistic verbs about Lovelle Mixon and his family.

There will be people who say it better than me, more compassionate than me, more rational than me or everyone will just avoid this flammable issue and talk about housewares or knitting and come across as the nice people they actually are… I’ll spare you my rant. (I’d probably just come off as a bigot and a bitch… I’m not, I’m pretty harsh on everyone, no matter what race, color or creed, I am kind of a bitch though because I tend to not let people get away with the shit they try to pull.)
We’re pretty much all whiny babies when it comes down to it.

But… the thing that strikes me as the hugest problem in Lovelle Mixon’s life is his family.
They defend him as “not a monster” or as “failed by the system” or (and this one offends me to my core) “He needs sympathy too. If he’s a criminal, everybody’s a criminal.”…(I’m ashamed to share the species with these people.)
The fact that these deeply stupid people BELIEVE that he is a good person. That nothing was his fault. That it was the Oakland Police Department that caused him to choose to drop out of high school , to pistol whip a man and not even bother to finish stealing the car from him but choose another one, rape and sodomize a 12 year old girl and then kill 4 police officers because he didn’t want to go back to jail (and they are also accusing the OPD of genocide…no I haven’t figured that one out either.)
But none of this was his fault. Oh no. In fact they’d probably blame it on me if I was there. I’m kinda pink, so I must have been the reason that the original African slaves (sold by other African tribes into slavery) were brought over (to displace the native americans-my people actually, this is where I come into play) and that is the reason that Mixon did all this stuff. He wasn’t actually to blame for anything.
His choices had nothing to do with it.
And they probably BELIEVE all of this. They won’t ever change their minds, open their eyes and now that the world is rid of this walking disaster, he’s now a martyr in their eyes.
All those babies they have made and make from now on will hear all this.
I just hope some of them don’t believe it.

Dozens march for Mixon, against police
Vigil for suspected Oakland cop shooter
Oakland killer had just been linked to rape
Family’s account of Oakland parolee who killed the four police officers

Oh and all you Uhuru idiots who are lionizing him…
1. you are Americans, not Africans. If you are Africans you would have been born in Africa and would have been deported long ago. “Stop the war on the African Community” my ass. Last I checked, Oakland was in California.
2. Choosing a poster boy who rapes a 12 year old OF YOUR OWN COMMUNITY doesn’t lend your party any credence or make me think you are worth supporting. in fact, i think the FBI should be keeping tabs on you if you advocate raping children…


Oh Fred you are such a cynic.

No, honey, I’m a realist.

One thing I hate about people is the act of building something/someone up to ridiculous heights, expect miracles and then, when reality happens they act all hurt and angry that promises were broken.
This is what I am afraid of with Obama.

Granted, he hasn’t promised miracles (no really, he hasn’t-look at his speeches.), and yet, people look at him and weep in gratitude that he is in the Oval Office.
(Well, I ‘m relieved that Bush is out, but I’m also trepidatious because the people who put the shrub in the office FOR A SECOND TERM (Seriously people, what the hell were you thinking?) after it was proven he has no skill at managing and destroyed a country based on a bad bit of info and still refuses to admit it was a bad idea… are the same booger-pickin’ morons that Obama has to deal with now.)

But, we have a crap economy which has its nasty little roots based in Reaganomics, a war debt that is absurd and problems with the future that won’t just go away (and promises to get worse and worse as my grandparents and parents age and use up the money set aside for all of us (also, if you think you are going to see a penny of that social security that you are paying a good chunk of your yearly salary into, you are seriously delusional. My ‘retirement’ choices are based on it being my primary support system as I will probably need to have a part time job until I die or can’t work anymore to pay for insurance and day to day doodles.)) Not only does Obama have to deal with the current mess we are in, the mess we have coming… he also doesn’t have absolute power.
Think back to junior high social studies, kiddies. There is a bi-cameral legislature and the president.
A system of checks and balances.
So, anything that Obama wants to do pretty much has to be approved by the other guys.
..and this is a good thing.

I remember watching the overwhelming YES vote to the patriot act (with a small, small incident of dissent asking for a discussion of some of the stickier bits) based on scare tactics that hearkened back to the McCarthy era.
Our government caved and fell to cheap scare tactics (If you aren’t for us you are against us! If you questions me you aren’t patriotic! and all that bully crap.)… which lead to years of our basic rights, as listed in the constitution, eroded slowly and surely away… and the smug, arrogant looks on Bush & Cheney’s faces as they said it was “for our own good” disgusted me.
I WANT our congress folk and senators to have cojones (and brains while we are wishing for things).
I WANT them to say “Hang on a minute…” and look at what they are signing.

Hopefully, Obama has a bit more honor than the shrub. I don’t know the man, I have heard speeches, but other than that, he’s a politician and that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good person.
It just means he’s a successful politician and a handsome, convincing speaker.
(Case in point, Kennedy… good lookin’, died early, left a pretty corpse and everyone loves a martyr…but great leader? Maybe not so much.)

I just know that 1. there will be missteps 2. that Obama doesn’t have absolute power (and even if he did, I don’t know that he could clean up this mess that quickly) and 3. he has to get the right legislation/decisions approved by the selfsame fussy, bitchy pile of politicians that is in D.C. and that he might not be able to get this working very quickly; the U.S. is a great lumbering beast, it isn’t known for cunning shifts in direction.

So, no, I am not weeping in gratitude that Obama is in the Whitehouse.
I am more pleased that McCain ISN’T in there (because if you thought the shrub was bad, McCain would have been worse. And even though Palin could have charmed the foreign dignitaries, any socialite wife can, but they would have dismissed her as a moron and asked to sit at the grown-up table…). So I’ll reserve my happiness and stay cautious for now.

We’ve got a shitload of hard choices and heavy lifting for the next 10 years.
Gird your loins, girlies.

(oh, and fair warning bloggers/tweeters: if I catch wind of you weepers doing a 180 when something gets wonky, I will shred you. I know who you are.)

after n’at

(Hi Eden!)

After all that stupid fluster over acorn pans and crap customer service, guess what showed up on my door on xmoose eve?
I have no idea how they managed that since 1. it was supposed to be shipped to the store so I wouldn’t pay shipping and 2. I told them to cancel the order in my digust-I suppose the order wasn’t truly canceled nor were they actually paying attention.
I left it in its box and glared at it for a few days to let Williams-Sonoma know that I haven’t quite forgiven them for that whole FUBAR transaction (my guess is that they haven’t noticed), then broke it out on the 27th and made little spicy cornbreads for the party.
Yum… and yes, they were adorable…and no, of course I didn’t remember to take pictures of anything.
Some food blogger I am.
Party menu always fluctuates, since, in my haste (and in my teeny tiny nigh to overflowing kitchen) I inevitably forget something. Its not the end of the world, but I think I need to design a print out page for party planning for myself (I’ll post a PDF when it is done).
The menu turned out like this:

Black beans: with a can of Guinness, 1/2 pound of applewood smoked bacon and half an onion, slow cooked for 24 hours.
Wee Acorn shaped cornbreads: made with honey, sweet corn, Zatarain’s, heavy cream and parmesan cheese all on top of the Jiffy cornbread mix
Chicken salad: (based on Costco’s Chicken Sonoma salad which wasn’t in fekkin’ stock) chicken, cranberries, poppy seed dressing, pasta shells
baked brie
deli meats
french bread
chips and spinach dip
a giant cupcake
chocolate chip cookies

The little puff pastry appetizers that I got and baked stuck to the foil on the pan and WOULD NOT release, so i didn’t put them out, though I noticed that they got eaten anyway.
Still, disappointing.

Xmoose meal had to be portable, so i decided to try my hand at a brisket. I called the world’s expert in brisket making (my dad) and he told me the ‘recipe’ over several days (several different calls saying “Did I tell you this? No? Well, do this.”)
Effectively it ended up being this:

  1. get a brisket
  2. stick it in a pan, fat side up (one of those disposable turkey pans is fine)
  3. cover it in pepper (who does he think he’s talking to? I skipped that step)
  4. cover it in garlic powder (now we’re talking)
  5. cover the pan in foil
  6. cook it at 225 for 8-10 hours (or till it falls apart when you poke it)

I think I got a substantially larger brisket than he does usually because mine took 12 hours.
I popped it in before I went to bed around 11:30pm, poked at it when I got up to feed Bunny then went back to bed for a few hours while it finished up, then let it cool and packed it up to go to Mikey’s.
It was yummy. So very tender (and fatty, but I have ordered a gravy separator to combat this…and considering I like my moo cow well marbled, this is saying something. I also bought a real roasting pan as this will start being a regular food in the house. Just have to plan the timing around overnight cooking. I wonder if I could do this in the crock pot…?) and it seemed to go over well at the dinner.
…and Tex keeps asking for more.
So, as it is cheap, easy and even *I* didn’t screw it up, I will do another…especially as I got that nifty roasting pan on sale and with a coupon. ;) Its not an especially heavy pan, but I just didn’t want to start buying and going through those disposable ones unless I really needed to (like traveling with the food); it just seemed a waste. But I think it will be ok if I am nice to it.
Last night I stood in the kitchen (doing a post mortem on my party) and looked at my current configuration of the dining area. I can’t do much to the kitchen itself (but if I ever bought this apartment – do you do that? mentally list the structural changes you would do if you owned the place you live in now and money wasn’t an issue? (provided you don’t own the place you live in already and are richer than Croesus?) as it is a mess o’ built-ins, cheap appliances and not plumbed or wired for much interesting stuff. Not to mention plaster and lathe walls that don’t support anything without crumbling. Plus, there’s that whole earthquake thing that you have to plan for just in case… though I’ve never had anything fall, the minute I put something up precariously, we’d have a big fucker.) Anyhoo… I looked at my options and they involved going up and being freestanding. I wanted that corner maple unit that I tried to order ages ago (with a couple of bookshelves, a corner storage area and closed storage) but it still isn’t orderable. I didn’t find anything else that suited my tastes. So Tex suggested Stolmen.
I like that idea, as it is modular, it can work in another space and he seems to like it. Fine by me.
So over the next few weeks, we’ll build a set that straddles the chest freezer, a clothes rail high enough to open the freezer door (and I’ll hang my veggie baskets on it which can be moved easily out of the way to open the freezer door), a couple of high up shelves for deep storage (like xmoose decorations and other things that aren’t too heavy. I might put a string around the top shelves to keep the magazine boxes from Ikea from sliding off if we have a shaker.).
Then I’ll get one more pole and do a short set of shelves where the Mac Mini is now with a clothes rail at the very top for hanging a paper lantern for light.
I got some pieces last night at Ikea… so I’ll bribe Tex with brisket, and we’ll put up the shelves (and snipe at each other while we do this as we always do) on New Year’s Day.
Living room still needs some tidying but I’ll get pics posted eventually along with the progress in the kitchen.
Also, I want a dishwasher. I’m just saying.
Also also, these parties are starting to kick my ass, I feel hungover after them… am I getting old? Arg.

I was trolling around Facebook for apps and found an iTunes gadget, it purports to post what you are listening to on iTunes in your status, however, as I am currently listening to a 3 song playlist *on repeat* for at least 5 hours a day (yeah, I know.) it probably is of limited interest to the Facebookians who watch my status updates with bated breath. But then again , most of my updates aren’t that startlingly interesting.

Last week, as you know, my aunt died and while virtually everyone in my family piled into cars and  airplanes to get to a tiny town in West Texas, I did not.
This doesn’t mean I didn’t love her, but I would have been a mess and would have probably spent the weekend hiding in a closet blubbering incoherently and missing Bunny (as well as getting psychotic over my cat’s well-being) hence, my lack of movement.
I did spend about 50% of each day on mom’s iPhone or the house phone at my grandmother’s talking to anyone there. I got text messages, pictures and wildly incoherent voice-mails documenting late night cookie making processes and the subsequent torment of my grandmother by her older grand children and her daughter (this is not unusual, we do this anyway. And since Meme hasn’t smothered any of us in our sleep, we have to assume she likes it since she has had ample opportunity to put us out of her misery.)
Mom said the funeral and the memorial service was brutal, so while I will always feel guilty about not going, I am glad I made that policy and don’t go to these things anymore.
I did extract a promise from my cousins that we would all go there when someone wasn’t dead (though I phrased it as “during a happier time”).
Lots of good pictures came out of it… and some video I will be squirreling away for blackmail at a later date. ;)

Am back at work now, and its kind of a relief. Sad.
Though I do get to start my new Moleskine 2009 calendar book this week! Hooray!

She’s a more generous person than I am…

“One of the things my mum said today was that ‘I don’t want any resentment towards Muslim people,'” John Gibbons said, relaying part of a telephone conversation with her.

I wouldn’t be very forgiving if they did this to me:

The protesters streamed out of mosques after Friday sermons, as pickup trucks with loudspeakers blared messages against Gibbons, who was sentenced Thursday to 15 days in prison and deportation. She avoided the more serious punishment of 40 lashes.

They massed in central Martyrs Square outside the presidential palace, where hundreds of riot police were deployed. They did not try to stop the rally, which lasted about an hour.

“Shame, shame on the U.K.,” protesters chanted.

They called for Gibbons’ execution, saying, “No tolerance: Execution,” and “Kill her, kill her by firing squad.”

[Calls in Sudan for execution of Briton]

Yes, I am convinced I will NEVER ever want to go to that part of the world.

Holy Cow. I actually agree with Bush on something.

But don’t expect it to every happen again.
He is a vile excuse for a human.

(this is an older article 8/9, but I found it in my bookmarks)

“Analysts estimate that nearly 2 million adjustable-rate mortgages will reset to higher rates this year and next. Some higher-risk “subprime” borrowers were lured by initially low “teaser” rates offered during the housing boom. But those teaser rates can spike upward after the first few years, causing payment shocks.

Loose lending standards, including allowing borrowers to get mortgages with little documentation, contributed to the problems. Federal regulators have taken some steps to address problems, and Congress is also looking into possible action.”

People, the government is not here to protect you from your own stupidity or laziness. If you don’t research your terms of the loan (and if you are crazy enough to get an ARM loan and not refi AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to protect yourself from an ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGE (its part of the damn name)) it isn’t like banks are hiding anything-and frankly, there are some serious laws imposed on lenders-I have had to deal with them firsthand) that predatory loans are hard to find now.

Whether or not your judgment is piss poor is quite another matter.

Yes I am harping on responsibility, but I am tired of paying for other people whining about the fact that their houses that hold their 17 kids spaced 9 months apart and their illegal relatives from some other country driving around with no insurance wanting public assistance and then bitching because they took a bad loan and losing their house trying to make it the government’s (a.k.a. taxpayers problem – those of us who actually do pay taxes and will see none of it in return because other people are using it all up. Social Security? Unemployment? Give me a fucking break.) responsibility. Yes. In fact, it IS your fault.
Stop whining people.
I live in an apartment because I can’t afford house payments or tax implications of a house. And I’m not saying it was all because I was married, but a lot of my debt was because of that asshole sitting on the couch who ran up bills and didn’t even bother too look for a job for 3 1/2 years of the 4 we were married.
But I’m not making it someone else’s problem.
I worked at fucking Starbuck’s before I’d sit around on unemployment and dig more of a hole than I was in. I didn’t blame the government. I cut my losses, made a change so that I could get to a more reasonable level of existence and I’m doing it.
So I have no sympathy for lazy, stupid fuckbleepheads who whine like this.

Comments on the article:
Flak wrote:

Maybe if these prospective homebuyers had done their homework and not borrowed money they couldn’t pay back, we wouldn’t be where we are. My gf and I own a condo in Marin. We could have pushed it, borrowed more, and bought a bigger house but decided that would be fiscally irresponsible given our current incomes. I have no sympathy for those who overextended themselves.

Posted 8/9/2007 11:51:03 AM
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mnf40 wrote:

You freaks are losing your minds. Try and separate your irrational Bush hatred from rational, coherent thought. I sure as hell don’t want MY tax dollars to go bail out people who irresponsibly gambled on a house they couldn’t afford. They can file for bankruptcy and have a clean credit history in a few years, boo-F’ing hoo.

Posted 8/9/2007 11:52:15 AM

All I can say is “gosh, what a surprise…”

Lindsay Lohan arrested again; Britney Spears’ OK! interview goes bad; Pete Doherty goes back to rehab

Wait, didn’t LL’s ex-boyfriend break up with her because she was ‘boring’ after getting out of rehab? He’s such an asshole for saying but I guess she proved him wrong!

Britney Spears comes across as a vapid, trashy backwoods skank from the faux burbs? Never!

Pete Doherty in rehab. He should have a frequent flyer card there. Think it will stick this time? Me neither.


if you call me bitter for still being pissed off by my ex’s behavior, you will need to redefine your terms.
I’m angry that he behaved abominably.
If I was bitter, I would blame all men for that.
I don’t.
It was just him. I’ll be the first person to admit that.*

But just to be clear, I do have a very long memory. If you wrong me, you won’t be allowed in any position to do it again. I will be polite, but I am not relying on anyone but myself.
I actually learned this lesson a while back, but I lost my tiny little mind and decided to trust someone again at that level
Yes, ok, I am a dumbass.

It doesn’t mean that I am gonna get married again. There were things about marriage that I didn’t appreciate aside from the lump on the couch… like the fact that they changed all the names on my things (car title, 401k, stuff he’d never had a hand in before) to his name.
Excuse me? I changed my last name, not my first.
No really, it was all switched to HIS name. I hated not being a human in the eyes of society. I had no rights and he still did.
Modern progress, my ass.
I’m sure marriage has its uses (y’all can marry whoever you want… male, female or other-as long as they consent), however currently none of the uses are on my list.

*and frankly, those people who call me bitter are generally of the sort who haven’t been through this kind of shit. They have no perspective and so they can’t understand what a betrayal it is for the person who swore in front of their own god that they would love me above all others… and didn’t.
Kind of like having a male doctor try to understand menstrual cramps.
Oh yeah, and the word bitter comes up a LOT when I decline someone wanting to have me rely on them for something… what’s up with that?