You know that sweater I felted (*sob*) well, I want to turn it into a cardigan.
You mentioned me making mittens, but I think a zip jacket would work better for the hare-brained scheme I have for trekking in Bhutan. (also, I am teh cheap and don’t want to pay $168 for a wool jacket.)
Does the wool/knit unravel when you cut it? Does sewing a line with the sewing machine hold it well enough for me to put the zip in? Do I need to put stuff on the edges (liquid stitches, etc.)
Inquiring minds wanna know. ;)

Thanks ever so, oh mistress of knitted socks and stuff (and the fabu danger sock shot!)


p.s. This is a hilarious pic… what’s more, I totally understand it.
Showing kitteh the ceiling hole.


A little cozier

[From Perth Now 10/31/07]

A GROUP of German ladies are raking it in – by selling fetish knitwear to kinky fans who like it soft.
Their range includes lingerie, face masks and full bodysuits.

Group spokeswoman Manuela Buesch-Dankewitz, 45, said: “The women love to knit, and it’s great to earn something from it.

“Our oldest team member is 86. She makes willy warmers and other gear just like the rest.”

Ms Buesch-Dankewitz said she came up with the idea after a customer asked for a woollen bondage suit.

“Since we put the items online we have been flooded with requests from all around the world,” she said.

“We make our wool products to order and there is a big demand out there.”

Check them out at

Dude, I was just searching for tea cozy knitting ideas…
heh and LOL!

Barn Kitty and Sock Monkey Hat

Barn Kitty and Sock Monkey Hat, originally uploaded by fredlet.

This year’s headgear was Sock Monkey Hat (no I didn’t make it, I haven’t had enough practice to go beyond square, but that is another blog entry.)
I had Sock Monkey socks (the ones you make sock monkeys from) a sock monkey scarf…well, mostly done, not completely – it was my plane project and finally; sock monkey keychain.
Mmmm… want to touch my monkey?


Fox hat from Animehot.netSo I was toiling away dutifully on my floofy scarf that went with my raspberry beret (Mike I Am, cue the music) and then I lost my tiny little mind and bought this hat.
Of course it doesn’t match my floofy scarf and as I know my tendency to get distracted by shiny things, I probably will not take this off of my head all next weekend in the Great White North.
Hence, I need new yarn for another scarf. (I also bought some new needles in purple plastic – they were on sale – so that security at the airport won’t wig out over knitting needles. They didn’t last time, but these are larger than my other ones, but I’m hoping that they aren’t intimidated by knitting needles that look like they are descendants of Barney.)
Such a hardship, I know. However, time is getting short and I need to finish the floofy scarf, because, dammit, I will be bringing it with me regardless, and also I need to get the other one started so that I have something to do on the plane but also so that it doesn’t HAVE to be the only thing I do on the plane.
I will need to sleep some, since it is likely to be the only sleep I get next weekend.
I’m also trying to remind myself what it feels like to be cold and psych myself up for it. Right now I’m trundling around the house fairly regularly in my boxer shorts with robots all over them, a tshirt and my leopard flip flips. (radiators are nothing if not efficient in my building… and the cat, she likes it warm.) while knitting stuff and snuffling over Grey’s Anatomy.
I caught up on most of this season watching it streaming over the web. Handy that.
And I really don’t ever think that the networks will ever get it through their thick skulls that when they up the volume on the commercials they are just begging me to mute the fuckbleeper and not watch it. If they left it at a consistent volume I wouldn’t bother and I might actually get the message for the sponsors.
Morons and luddites, all of them. I’m not going to play their game.

New desk is in this week as well.
DeskI ordered this to set next to my desk/cabinet that I use for my office and little laptop. I would have just put the new setup in there, but for large projects on VAIOlet I definitely need an external monitor and even 15″ ones don’t fit in the opening. The desk I got is actually a hall table and I just didn’t put on the lower shelf. Luckily, it wasn’t unstable without the shelf so I didn’t have to worry about my knees bumping. It even matched VERY closely the finish on my other desk.
Am very happy.
(and I’ll take a picture of it in situ when the living room isn’t so crapped out from getting ready for next weekend.)

I know, I know…

a long weekend and nary a post.
I was going to use a lot of this weekend to be alternately cleaning the house or unconscious as I am still sick.
However, life intervened and I ended up out of the house a great deal of the time.

Raspberry beret, originally uploaded by fredlet.

I did manage to drag myself to Michael’s to look for yarn to match a raspberry polarfleece hat I bought on super duper insane sale at REI for when I go to the great white north in a few weeks.
I had an idea of what I wanted in the yarn, sort of multicolored and possibly nubby (I’m a sucker for Lion Brand wool worsted weight). What I found that I liked was somewhat atypical for me… that floofy yarn that I’ve always looked at with a sort of cross eyed look.
But it seemed to be what I wanted so I grabbed several skeins and bit the bullet to go pay for the somewhat expensive stuff. Well, when the total showed up, it ended up being 2 bucks a skein.. so I went back and bought the rest of the bin ;)
In short, I’ve gotten about a foot of scarf done in a few hours (i’m using my monster needles which works well with the yarn.) I like it because it looks like something real… not something that I did… if that makes any sense.
I blame that last sentence on the fever I’ve had on and off for a week. It makes me hallucinatory and rather cranky.

Today at work was just hideous.
But I won’t go into that.