Bad Bar costume!

This year’s party in Green Bay has a sports theme…
I played field hockey in high school so I thought I’d recreate that particular outfit.
The fuzzy letters from Joann Fabric turned out pretty nicely. That is my last hockey stick leftover from high school (that will need to be checked on the plane… I can get away with knitting needles, but I don’t think they will let me bring a big stick on board…feh)
(FYI this post is timed to coincide with me wearing my outfit at the bar, also we are not going to go into detail about how many times I checked the spelling of FIELD so that I didn’t have a badly spelled fake hockey jersey ;) )

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Cheese Curds: The 8th Deadly Sin

(I actually didn’t eat all that many cheese curds, but when I did they was quality, baby.)
Spent my annual weekend in Wisconsin and I managed not to get sick on the trip, though I do believe I have kennel cough from the plane. I’ll be ok. Mom says she’ll make me an appointment at the vet that her yellow labs go to…

I packed a metric ton of shoes, girl clothes accessories and miscellaneous stuff (the stuff was for other people, I expected to have less coming home-foolish mortal) and still managed to have to check 2 bags on the way back. All hail Southwest airlines for their free checked bags policy.
I made Tex a scarf, which he wore and liked (no matching hat… yet. I was going to make him one that went with it as I ran out of the yarn and just put a band of the scarf yarn in it to tie it all together, but I was kidding myself that I was ok with that idea. I kept putting off doing his hat and then I knew that it wasn’t going to happen. So I found a couple more skeins of the yarn on Amazon (rockin’!) and will make him a matching hat for next year.)

My hat is also one I made. I started with Crazy Aunt Purl’s roll brim hat in Lion Brand Bulky that perfectly matches my beleaguered J. Crew roll neck raglan wool sweater and finished it off with the pixi hat pattern from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.(I love it.) These details are on my Ravelry (login required, but it’s free) if you want to go there as well.
I’m pondering making a beige one and pretending to be Beldar the conehead.
The weather cooperated, we had lovely snow for a sleigh ride, I didn’t weep all over the barn kitties and I managed to get sleep. It was a fabulous weekend.
We also have a raffle every year to raise money for a local food bank and raised about $4k. (Want to donate a raffle prize? Let me know.) I won a bag, a ceramic plate hand made by a friend, a beautiful hand knit scarf by another friend and another bag by a local crafty person. I normally don’t win anything, so I was very pleased (it probably didn’t hurt that I piled ALL my raffle entries into those 4 things).
We do still need to work on Tex’s travel skills (know thyself and when to drink more Gatorade) possibly some tweaking of travel clothes/gadgets. He got a ScottEVest TWIT version with removable sleeves to turn into a vest if he needed to wear it under his heavy coat, but as usual the activity that we think will be the one that requires the most bundling up didn’t. I wore my sweater and put on my jacket without zipping it up and Tex wore a short sleeve shirt and his fleece. Really as long as the wind isn’t blowing, it can be 10 degrees out and I’m happy.
I took yesterday off (after traveling MON) and found that to be a fine, fine thing.
Now back to the grind for a while. I don’t have any real travel planned til April-ish then the trail in late May so I’ll have plenty of time to percolate my packing choices for both (but don’t let that fool you, I’ll do a test packing run in the next couple of weeks and be ready for it NOW NOW NOW! :) )

Barn Kitty and Sock Monkey Hat

Barn Kitty and Sock Monkey Hat, originally uploaded by fredlet.

This year’s headgear was Sock Monkey Hat (no I didn’t make it, I haven’t had enough practice to go beyond square, but that is another blog entry.)
I had Sock Monkey socks (the ones you make sock monkeys from) a sock monkey scarf…well, mostly done, not completely – it was my plane project and finally; sock monkey keychain.
Mmmm… want to touch my monkey?