While I love…

Savin’ Me by Nickelback, I will NOT be singing it at karaoke unless I get a vocal chord transplant.
I sound like I’m caterwauling when i sing it.

Next song…

some fun comments by Richard Reeves

from here: [http://news.yahoo.com/s/ucrr/20080908/cm_ucrr/isobamaalreadypresident]
Mon Sep 8, 10:01 AM ET

“Romney was a hoot. My favorite. He must hate the media more than most of those who were in St. Paul, because he spoke as if he has not read or noticed anything for years. It is hard to believe he said:
“Is Washington now liberal or conservative? Let me ask you some questions. … Is a Congress liberal or conservative that stops nuclear power plants and off-shore drilling, making us more and more dependent on Middle Eastern tyrants? It’s liberal. Is government spending, putting aside inflation, liberal or conservative if it doubles since 1980? It’s liberal. … Throw out the big-government liberals and elect John McCain and Sarah Palin. … You know, it’s time for the party of big ideas, not the party of Big Brother.”
The big-government liberals he’s apparently worried about are the reigning Big Brother, Vice President Cheney, and the reigning borrow-and-spend budget-busting president, whom I had been thinking was named Bush. ”


“Oops! This just in: George W. Bush is still president and has been for more than seven distressing years. I guess I was fooled by the fact that his name was almost never mentioned in St. Paul. A computer count indicated that Bush’s name was used 12 times as often at the Democratic convention in Denver than in St. Paul …”


“The conventions were fun and games and a bit of fantasy this time around. But except for introducing the country to Gov. Palin of the Yukon, “Caribou Barbie” to the bloggers, I doubt these rock concerts did much beyond holding the contenders in place. This race will still be about Bush’s record, Obama’s race and McCain’s age. ”

How I deal with noisy upstairs neighbors

(who seem to have spawned a noisy, stomping and screaming rugrat).
I put on my Broadway list on iTunes (loudly) and warm up to such delights as Les Mis, Rent, Phantom of the Opera, Anything Goes, Guys and Dolls, etc.

And as I am dreadfully out of practice, I am off key and have a lovely howling quality to my voice of late.