Working through the house

I’m working my way through the house and the products that I use regularly to see if there is a better option for these things. Coincidentally, I started with food stuff and the kitchen in January and moved on to the bath in February. This chart showed that too so I might use it for a template, but we’ll see.

A Year of Zero Waste chart by Green Indy

I’ve been “greener” for a long time with lots of products (some met my modest needs, but just can’t withstand the more in depth cleaning requirements of cats and boys, so I had to switch to something with more oomph and less green…sigh) Method’s cleaners have done great for a long time for me, not being too toxic to have around kittens that lick everything, but I’m starting to see if I can get away with less packaged products. They did a good job with selling refills and not making it a total PITA to get. Selling it at Target was helpful, however Target changes up its lineup occasionally which throws a monkey wrench into the works. In any event, I’ve been looking around to see what I will be able to change to with confidence when my pantry runs out.

Something concentrated that I can dilute is good. I do use Castile soap for a lot for things as well as vinegar with orange peels for some other things (but not all things). I’m hoping this will be enough for the general cleaning.

I want my cleaning basket to look like this (spoiler alert; it won’t LOL):

Image credit: Michelle at nnuulloo

For the bathroom, I’m finishing up my existing stocks of shampoo, toothpaste and soap while inserting a test product in the mix as I find things to test. Face soap is the one that makes me a bit nervous. Dove plain white soap is great on my skin, but it comes in a box with plastic wrapping. Sigh. [EDIT: the single bar packages are in compostable cardboard so I can get a single bar at a time plastic-free! Excellent!] I’ve heard some good things about goat milk soap and I think I saw some available in bulk at Whole Foods so I’ll get a bar and use it to see how it works on my skin. (Bonus if B likes it as well. His skin is even more particular than mine so swapping a known working item can be tricky. If you swap to something greener and have to buy all sorts of medicine to counteract its effects, you’re doing it wrong.)

Shampoo bars I’ve talked about, but conditioner bars I haven’t found locally so I might have to order and test that.

Toothpaste tabs are on the way and I need to work my way though the tubes I have left. I can’t wait! I read somewhere that there are mouthwash tablets, too, excellent!

I’m headed out on a quick trip in a couple of weeks, so all my non-liquids will make it easier to pack. Very pleased!

Things I accomplished this week Feb 3 2019

  1. Found toothpaste tablets for a reasonable price that, while it isn’t local and in bulk, it still comes in compostable packaging. This will be great for travel, too. Will let you know how they taste etc.
  2. Have been saving my compostable stuff in the freezer and I’ll set up a compost bin soon (is raining this weekend and B’s bday) so, next week…soon.
  3. Organized my lotion bar and self care supplies. So far I have lip balm, lotion bars (shaped like toy story aliens), and hair leave in conditioner. I gave lotion bars to Mama and the kid for xmoose and an alien to my friend.
  4. I’m test driving a new deodorant that has refills for it. I just got it, so thoughts later.
  5. Bulk shopping at Sprouts and Whole Foods hasn’t been too bad. There are a few things I haven’t found that I would like to get, but it’s a start AND I can use my mason jars and not use plastic bags to carry the stuff home.
  6. Using local and pasture raised milk, eggs, and butter. Might see what the local farmers market has.
  7. I’m buying various fruits and veggies and just eating those throughout the day. Oh avocados, how I 💚 you.
  8. Made a yummy pot pie using leftovers and stuff from the pantry so things wouldn’t get wasted.


No, I didn’t watch Marie Kondo (never have, I think her style doesn’t work for me) but I’m getting rid of things from the person I used to be since they don’t work for the person I have become.

I haven’t really blogged since Tex died. Well, some, but not like I used to. Talking about myself and the things I do are so not interesting lately. Anything relevant I do is on my travel blog now anyway.

I still am unemployed since I got laid off on the Valentine’s Day after Tex died (several potential jobs appeared and I was passed over for them, kinda made me more depressed that I am having such a hard time getting to a place where I am happy to work again.), so I’m still at home – cleaning (badly, LOL I hate housework), knitting, snorgling kittehs and decluttering with a new perspective.

It’s been 6 years since he died and I’m trying to figure out who the hell I will be with B, what I want to do and let go of a bunch of stuff that just exhausted me to look at much less sort.

I started January 1 and donated 1 thing. I’ll continue to do one thing a day for the year (I have a notebook that keeps me honest about what I’m getting rid of…) and I’m ahead of that game so far, but I need to pace myself.

Additionally, I’m doing a “one thing in, one thing out” as well. Also written in same notebook to keep myself honest. I’m trying to donate or recycle things, but there’s a couple of things that just were trash. Bugs my zero waste self immensely but not certain what I can do about that.

On the food front, I’m working to reduce the meat I consume for many reasons. I’ll be going to Whole Foods occasionally to reload my bulk foods I keep in my pantry in mason jars (using my ChicoBag Produce Stand. Lentils, rice, barley, oatmeal etc and trying to eat more veggies.

On a positive front, we found B’s birth mother through DNA and I’m delighted to say she’s pretty awesome. Her younger sister and I are jumping up and down squeeing a lot and she and B are slowly, cautiously, building a friendship.

I knitted her a hat :)

So here’s my wishlist for the universe for this year:

  1. Remove the traitors from our government and move back to taking care of our country and its denizens
  2. Travel (a job with some travel would be just peachy)
  3. Clear out the unnecessary from my home
  4. Health and happiness