Sharks and luggage and knitting… oh my! But not really.

Week 4 of the new phone. I do like it a lot, but I miss my Centro.
Its been kind of a funky transition that I suppose most people go through when moving (house/car/phone). I’m having to consolidate and reorganize all my addresses into my Gmail account rather than my Palm Desktop. I suppose I could have just done an export, but I figured after 14 years of the same database with only cursory tidying up over the last however-many-years it was time to start afresh. Like spring cleaning.
Of course, I’m getting a little obsessive over it, would you expect any less from me? No, I thought not.

The search for a bluetooth keyboard continues. I actually have the perfect keyboard (Stowaway) but when I opened it up to get it going with Roy Batty, several screws fell out of it and a piece of plastic broke off. So I put the whole pile in a ziploc bag and glare at it from time to time while I google other options. Pesky items that don’t last even 10 years. Hell, my cat lasted longer than that.

Speaking of hell and my cat, I managed to extract several videos of Bunny meowing at me from my Centro and put them on my new phone. I have to watch them rather judiciously or I’m a mess for about 12 hours.

The long weekend coming up promises to be filled with sharks and chores. Possibly some knitting. The trip to Green Bay looms as well. I’ll write up a packing list and a musing on luggage next. I’ve learned its best not to try to logic myself out of wanting matching luggage… it’s…well, dangerous. I might regret it, but it doesn’t seem to matter.
Know thyself and thy carry-on luggage neuroses.


Testing my new tiny keyboard

Macally BTKeymini, BlueInput demo and T-mobile G2

I finally got my bluetooth keyboard in the mail after 2[blueinput demo] weeks of dorking around with the friggin’ USPS because they still won’t acknowledge that my building exists and it’s been here for a hundred years.
Now I’m wondering if it’s worth it. I can’t get the sh[blueinput demo]ift key to work on this keyboard though I suspect it it this damned demo HID bluetooth driver.

I would probably i[blueinput demo] ignore it if the driver didn’t drop so much…or if I could use an exclamation mark…but that doesn’t seem to be an option right now… not to mention the way it [blueinput demo]randomly inserts that it’s a demo every once in a while.
But it does and i don’t think i can justify shelling out 10 bucks for something that doesn’t let me put[blueinput demo] a dollar sign in and that the demo product inserts spam into my sentences.
I friggin’ miss

the Palm OS and the keyboard I used for about 10 yea

rs.[blueinput demo]
Seriously? Is that so

Also what the hell did WordPress just do there?
I;m leaving this all in to prove how far ahead of the game Palm w[blueinput demo[blueinput emo]]as – though they did screw the pooch and lost me as a fangirl.


I dont’ think this is going to work out. I need exclamation points adn stuff to to[blueinput demo]rment people.