Why the Sony eReader is not the same as the Amazon Kindle

Jason Kottke (quoting a friend) and Jeff Bezos got what I have been pondering the last several days:

“I want a proper e-book reader as much as anyone, but Amazon’s Kindle sounds underwhelming (and unfortunately looks, as a friend put it, like “the Pontiac Aztec of e-readers”). Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says:

This isn’t a device, it’s a service.”

Go watch the video to give you a better idea of how the device performs (and note how they avoid the ongoing price you pay for each thing that you have to download from their site or pay to email to your device)

If I was traveling all the time and lived in airports (check your coverage), I’d consider this, but the fact that I can load any .rtf on my reader for free and convert my own blog reading/wikipedia entries/online fiction is worth it.
The kindle is a money pit.

Sony Reader Software update

I’m downloading it now… I’ll let you know what its like when I have a chance to play with it.
Hopefully it will let me do some of the goodies that the new reader does… but I don’t see an associated book update (just software so far.)

1. its a new install (had to re-recognize my reader as well)
2. its called the eBook Library instead of the CONNECT Reader
3. interface is a little prettier (much more 2001 than 1998) still has a ways to go… but then again sony hardware makes me drool and sony software decidedly never has.
4. version

I’ll see if I can find release notes… (but don’t hold your breath ;) )

Sony eReader news

They have a new deal at the Connect store for new purchases of eReaders. Basically its only the classics, but you get 100 (Sony published) classics if you register your new reader between Aug 3-Sept 30, 2007
(yeah, I haven’t been paying attention to the store specials-I generally look at the reduced titles and the bundles.)

Or download user formatted books from public domain sources from MobileRead forums. There are some seriously dedicated folks here and their work is fantastic.

In the unconfirmed rumor department: I hear that Amazon is looking to release their own reader.
I think Sony finally has it right with the ability to put your own content on there, having books be slightly cheaper in e-form (I remember trying to buy a book that I could have gotten in paperback and B&N.com wanted $20 for it… and Adobe Reader upgrades broke it so I lost the media anyway. What a waste.) and it is STABLE.
Also, they are following the Audible.com policy of being able to re-download content you already bought (unlike Apple where if your file is corrupted or the download is botched, you are basically screwed and they don’t care. But I’ve had this happen on other systems as well, which is why I still buy CD’s for the increased security of knowing I can generally re-rip the music that I have paid for.)
DRMs are still screwy. There is still a lot of work to do to make it good.


I finished HP7 late last night (Mom, do you want to read it?) and I promise not to spoil things for anyone, but I woke up in a really weird frame of mind this morning.
I don’t know that its related to the book or the fact that its still friggin’ July (hi July! I hate you!) or what, but there you go.
I rearranged the living room yesterday. I moved my bookshelves to where the tv/computer was and pushed the two of them together and then put the enormous hand-me-down leather chair (a.k.a. “The Love Chair” because it loves you and will never let you get up. Tex sits in it and promptly falls asleep.) angled next to them. I like to read in it and Bunny likes to sit on me while I try to read so I can’t read. Tex says it looks like I’m in a library.
Basically, I divvied up the room into two areas with the tv/computer moved over by the windows. I wasn’t worried about the glare since I really don’t watch tv/movies during daylight hours anyway. (yes, I will post pictures. Might even get around to posting my ultra-mini office pics as well.)
Bunny is eating regularly now. I took the advice of a coworker even more obsessed by his cat’s health than I am and am feeding her Solid Gold Blended Tuna (found at a few Petco’s round these parts) mixed in with the canned people tuna to keep her interested and to keep her from being overloaded by the richness of the canned food after 16 years of dry food. I would have given her canned before this to spoil her, but she never has even give anything a second sniff (in direct contradiction to Otto who would snarf and entire can of cat food and ask for a bag of potato chips on the side. He was sweet, but piggy little cat.) She’s even looking just this side of porky.
I’m exceedingly happy about that.
I was very worried about her in the week after she stopped eating on July 4. She wasn’t acting like herself. I hoped it was because she was recovering from whatever it was that stopped from from wanting to eat and that was why she wasn’t liking being petted or brushed or even being affectionate at all. And while she isn’t like some cats, she’s always wanted to be near or on me at all times.
I hoped that she wasn’t resenting me for asking her to keep living. I really couldn’t bear the thought of a little kitty revenant just wandering around just because I’d lose my mind if she left.
But in the last week or so, she’s started to enjoy brushing again, she’s come out and slept on the couch with me when I was working on stuff at the desk and she sat with me while I read HP7.
Its such a relief.
Maybe my goddamn ulcer will finally fade back into the woodwork again. I’m tired of this shit. (Taking a conference call at your desk doubled over in pain and trying to keep it out of your voice gets old. You know, I wonder if I was this freaked out as a kid… I was always complaining about stomach pain and they found exactly nil when they ran obscene amounts of tests on me… including a totally gross tasting “strawberry” barium drink. Yuck. Didn’t they used to call this a nervous stomach? Who knows. I guess I’m just more of a delicate flower that I realize. Bwahahaha! Right.)
Anyway, today is all about getting rid of the excess stuff that just doesn’t fit in the house after the rearrange (including two large rolling shopping bags full and destined for Half Price Books) and much recycling as well as stuff posted on the local FreeCycle site for folks who just want the stuff. I may put a suitcase or two on eBay (or does anyone want to skip that mess and buy one of them? I’m obsessive about my bags, so you know it will be in good shape. =) ) I also need to rewire all the cables around my desk since the other computer isn’t right there anymore. Then I will put up shelves in my bedroom. I’m also pondering sorting through old sweaters, but I think I love them all a little too much to get rid of them right now.
I’m ok with getting rid of some of the books as a lot of my permanent collection is becoming available on the Sony eConnect store. You could get them, too I think. I think they finally made the software for the books downloadable and the software actually counts as a licensed reader. The Laurell K. Hamilton books (Merry Gentry and Anita Blake*) are all there… I’m having to show restraint and buy them a few at a time instead of the $400 worth of books I wanted to get the other night. I really need to make a list of my books that I want to buy eventually to see how long I need to budget to get everything.
I love my eReader. LOVE IT. (and the cradle, too. SO worth it.)
I might think about how I can get my out of print stuff as well, but that is another matter all together and potentially fraught with peril.
I also need to finish up my AT journal. I have a bunch of pictures that I had printed at YorkPhoto and am organizing it all for a photo album, so once the final ones come in that will probably jolt me back into the trail headspace where I can write again. Realistically, it will probably be August before I get there though.

Oh, and whoever you are who found my site searching for “Alton Brown porn” let me know if you find some… I’d be all over that.

*FYI: you have to buy the books through the browser built into the Connect Software, kinda like the iTunes model, but much more inelegantly executed, so if you click through via the link here, that’s why you won’t see any “Buy This” buttons.

Hee hee hee…

I LOVE this…
Chair Mini
Chair Mini Black

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Weight as shown: 7 oz. BookChair Co. Ltd
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