Verbatim Portable BT Keyboard

TMobile G2
BlueInput Demo Driver
Vebatim BT Foldable Keyboard

Draft keyboard test, ok good. Might need to actually buy the driver now.
I’m usng a Vebatim BT keyboard that isn’t teensy, but does fold up to [blueinput demo] 5×3 inches and is remarkably stable.
Also I’m not getting a bunch of dropped letters
aide from my own[blueinput demo] crappy typing skills.
Still haven’t figured out how to deal with the at symbol or the parens unless I manually go back and add in the built in android keyboard.
Perhaps [blueinput demo] on my future tablet the new OS will be better about thngs.


Back from the black screen of death…

I do love me some internet.

My poor, long suffering netbook (an Acer Aspire One) suffered something that some crappy excuses for a support site called a motherboard failure. A totally black screen does not necessarily mean a motherboard failure.
It could be several things:

  • a bad display (Shine a light on it, can you see stuff? yes? its a bad monitor. Happened to a Sony VAIO I had-fixable…and one of the reasons I get the warranty on my laptops.)
  • Does the drive or fan turn on? Probably not the power, but that could be a few things. bad RAM might cause errors.

In my case, NOTHING showed up on the screen. no ghosting, no errors, nothing. So I googled it and found several places that mentioned that flashing the BIOS might do some good.
I had planned to extract the hard drive and put it into a dock we have for quick hard drive loading, but the video showing how to get the HD out (6 minutes long and edited for time) dissuaded me.

Tex found this video on the web and we followed the instructions and now I am writing this entry on my happy little netbook (that still needs to be reinstalled not because flashing the BIOS messed it up, but because it is over 3 years; to be fair,  I beat the living daylights out of my operating systems. C’est l’heure.)
I’m also VERY happy this is fixed. I did not want to have to choose (and pay for) my next netbook/portable.

One comment before you try this at home kiddies:
When you are holding the Fn and ESC keys down, hold them down until AFTER you get the power button to blink and until AFTER you see the computer reading from the flash drive.

Check out his other videos here:

Have more questions? Leave them in comments and I will answer what I can as well as amend the text if it is lacking.

Happy netbooking!

Sharks and luggage and knitting… oh my! But not really.

Week 4 of the new phone. I do like it a lot, but I miss my Centro.
Its been kind of a funky transition that I suppose most people go through when moving (house/car/phone). I’m having to consolidate and reorganize all my addresses into my Gmail account rather than my Palm Desktop. I suppose I could have just done an export, but I figured after 14 years of the same database with only cursory tidying up over the last however-many-years it was time to start afresh. Like spring cleaning.
Of course, I’m getting a little obsessive over it, would you expect any less from me? No, I thought not.

The search for a bluetooth keyboard continues. I actually have the perfect keyboard (Stowaway) but when I opened it up to get it going with Roy Batty, several screws fell out of it and a piece of plastic broke off. So I put the whole pile in a ziploc bag and glare at it from time to time while I google other options. Pesky items that don’t last even 10 years. Hell, my cat lasted longer than that.

Speaking of hell and my cat, I managed to extract several videos of Bunny meowing at me from my Centro and put them on my new phone. I have to watch them rather judiciously or I’m a mess for about 12 hours.

The long weekend coming up promises to be filled with sharks and chores. Possibly some knitting. The trip to Green Bay looms as well. I’ll write up a packing list and a musing on luggage next. I’ve learned its best not to try to logic myself out of wanting matching luggage… it’s…well, dangerous. I might regret it, but it doesn’t seem to matter.
Know thyself and thy carry-on luggage neuroses.

Testing my new tiny keyboard

Macally BTKeymini, BlueInput demo and T-mobile G2

I finally got my bluetooth keyboard in the mail after 2[blueinput demo] weeks of dorking around with the friggin’ USPS because they still won’t acknowledge that my building exists and it’s been here for a hundred years.
Now I’m wondering if it’s worth it. I can’t get the sh[blueinput demo]ift key to work on this keyboard though I suspect it it this damned demo HID bluetooth driver.

I would probably i[blueinput demo] ignore it if the driver didn’t drop so much…or if I could use an exclamation mark…but that doesn’t seem to be an option right now… not to mention the way it [blueinput demo]randomly inserts that it’s a demo every once in a while.
But it does and i don’t think i can justify shelling out 10 bucks for something that doesn’t let me put[blueinput demo] a dollar sign in and that the demo product inserts spam into my sentences.
I friggin’ miss

the Palm OS and the keyboard I used for about 10 yea

rs.[blueinput demo]
Seriously? Is that so

Also what the hell did WordPress just do there?
I;m leaving this all in to prove how far ahead of the game Palm w[blueinput demo[blueinput emo]]as – though they did screw the pooch and lost me as a fangirl.


I dont’ think this is going to work out. I need exclamation points adn stuff to to[blueinput demo]rment people.

Carpe Weekend

Everything is just pesky lately. Not overtly bad, just pesky.
But like itching, it isn’t pain, but it can grow to be overwhelming.
I really needed that 3 day weekend. I got some things done (closet floor-FOUND!, kitchen counter-FOUND! kitchen sink-FOUND! (then lost again after I roasted another chicken)) and then also did a LOT of sleeping and knitting and generally being a big lazy slob. It was nice.

A lot of folks in the neighborhood still have their xmoose trees up and I kinda like it, they look pretty in the windows. I took all my decorations down a few weeks ago, not out of grinchiness or even organization, just due to the fact I was rearranging the house (again) and I needed the working space. In the course of things, I found a tree type device for next year at half price and bought it. I also got a 6 foot tree duffel for storage. (The one i got is not 6 ft, but it is about 4 with a decorative urn thingy on the bottom.) I think this tree was actually meant to be bought in pairs and set out on your porch to flank your steps or door-I really don’t need (or want) that much tree. Just enough for some ornaments and a lot of lights. It had lights on it already, but I wanted to replace them with LEDs of various kinds.
Last weekend I managed to get  “prep tree for storage” checked off my to do list. I removed the non-LED lights, put the tree together and put on 2 strands of LEDs to leave in place. I have a fondness for the old fashioned shaped bulbs (C9?) so I put a strand of multicolor on there as well. It looked nice, so we set it on the side table and plugged it in. We’ll probably leave it up for a bit.

I might need to get a ficus tree (killed my previous one) and put it here with some lights on it for the bulk of the year or I might be tempted to just leave this up all year… and then it won’t be a novelty during December…

I also got a couple of these little things for managing stuff that I don’t necessarily need on all the time or even need on a regular basis.

DAILY USE ITEMS: I have lamps, speakers and other pain in the arse to reach items on a timer so that the only power draw when they aren’t needed is what it needs to run the mechanism for the timer itself (and i need to double check some of my older timers that they aren’t drawing more than a teeny bit).
FREQUENT BUT NOT DAILY USAGE: I have somethings on a plug strip so that I can just turn them off completely (judiciously arranged so that I can flip it all on/off without turning on more than necessary.)
LESS THAN ONCE A WEEK USAGE: Occasionally there are items that just need to be on for a little while, so I can click the little button on top of the Belkin socket and it will stay on for either 1/2 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours. I only ordered 2 of them to begin with, so I put 1 on the iPod speaker/charger in the kitchen and one on the tree for now. Really though, I’m not certain that I need these all over the house, so I probably won’t get any more. Timers may be a better option for most of my stuff that only needs to be on only when I am at home.

I still have some things running all the time-like the fan in the kitchen window and my computer- but I’m working on getting myself to pay attention to what is going on electricity-wise in my house. Water usage is next; I grew up in NorCal so water conservation was beaten into my head during the drought years. But I can do more than I do now.
My power bill has gone down $5/month since I organized things a little better. I have never had huge costs for this particular apartment though. At most it was $45 per month, this last month was $35. But I live in a relatively reasonable climate, I have a gas stove, the building has radiators and so I lack actual heating costs. The hot water heater is also part of the building, so I don’t pay for that or the water it heats. That is all part of the rent. I know that if I lived elsewhere the numbers would be vastly different.
The other difference is that we don’t have Bunny’s heating pad running 24/7 anymore.
(Frankly, I’d be happy to pay $200/month heating costs to have her back.)

On the needles:
-Tex’s scarf
Tex 's scarf is about 2.5 ft long now. He calls it his Dr. Who scarf but it isn't going to be THAT long.
-various hats in widely ranging states of done-ness
-a giant grey wool cowl for me

The cowl thing is just going to be an enormous tube (no pattern) of grey wool to drape over my head and neck or pull down over my shoulders then put a jacket on to add a bit of insulation. It’s going to take forever so there will be pics of it for quite a while on my Ravelry pages. I swatched it this weekend to see what kind of numbers I needed and  I’ll cast on this week. Since its is so big and on a monster-long set of circular needles, once I get it started (and joined without twisting the bastard), then it should knit up reasonably well albeit slowly.

I’m also still having fun with my broke-ass iPhone and several camera apps (Hipstamatic and Retro Camera). The other day I was reading about some guy who went back to film because he was taking too many pictures-I think his reasoning was that he wasn’t really paying attention to what he was taking pictures of and was taking hundreds of off-hand shots that he never looked at again. He said  wanted for his pictures to be thoughtfully composed and chosen. I can understand that, but I like this particular combo on the iPhone of the luxury of digital and the reduced ability to take thousands of photos so that I have to choose my shots more carefully.  Also I can play with lots of tools to build a composition I like.
The Autostich app (i used it for the tree photo up top) is fun to play with in combination with the Hipstamatic/Retro Camera framed shots. Just take multiple shots and it builds a big one:
Bedside view
Fun stuff.

We’ll be going to the Monterey Bay Aquarium again soon (we renewed our membership again – donate too, please) so I’ll take some shots there. Fishies move pretty quickly and it is fairly dark, so I’m not certain that the shots I get will be too fabulous, but I’ll probably just change my subject matter and see what happens.  I also have an iPhone holder for a tripod so we’ll see if I can come up with something interesting to do with that.
Here’s some pics from the last time I went using my SLR:
At the Monterey Bay Aquarium

I’ll leave you with this fun fact:
I’m listening to Cleopatra on the drive to and from work (by Stacy Schiff on and boy howdy, Cicero was a total weenie.

Happy non-Monday all!

Coffee Printer

This is fantastic!
Coffee Printer – Uses Spent Grounds for Ink
via Single Serve

From the Greener Gadgets Design Contest, this one surfaces; printer that uses your own spent grounds as an ink source. Drop the grounds in, insert paper, and move the lever back and forth over the paper to make the image/text.

Serve Espresso

I think I have a problem…

See this?

This makes me giddy.

I stared at it for 10 minutes in Target thinking of all the things I could do with it…
I could have beans slow cooking in one and then set up steel cut oats in another one and then also whip up something for dinner in the third.
Yegods, I’m a crock pot slut.

(Oh and my grandfather’s recipe for spaghetti sauce is teh awesome in the crock pot.)

So, Bunny.
I mentioned that I am SUPER HAPPY about her anemia backing off… primarily because the hematopoietin that they would have to give her (an injection daily) to stimulate the red blood cell creation (it is normally secreted by the kidneys, which aren’t doing so much lately) and has a high rate of rejection. After a couple of months she won’t tolerate it anymore… and my vet didn’t mention that there were alternatives to that.
So, while end stage renal failure is bad; the time for injections really does mean end-type things. However, the vet said we didn’t need to come back for 5-6 months after the last appointment (Dec ’08) so that will put us in May… 1 year from when she crashed. This is not too bad for a cat in renal failure. When he has her come in more frequently that will not be good. So far all her appointments have gotten progressively farther apart. (Doesn’t mean I’ll slack or not watch her like a hawk…we might even run in a little earlier in case of fredlet freak out..)
Mikey’s dog had renal failure and dogs don’t handle it very well at all (Shadow died within several months) but his vet mentioned a couple of things that made my ears perk up…
1. cats seem to deal with it pretty well.
2. there is an alternative to the hematopoietin that doesn’t have the rejection… but need to go grill the guy to find out exactly what it is.
I suspect it will take me going there for an appointment (but I won’t drag Bunny, she hates travel) to talk to him at length and get the information.
While I do love my vet, we’ve been dealing with him and another lady who isn’t there anymore for the last 13 years. So they do know Bun, but if I can find an alternative that he will consider, then I will do so.
Anyhoo, she’s eating and eating and eating, biting me to wake me up to feed her, walking all over me and generally being my Bun. Its lovely and I’m doing my level best to BE HERE NOW and not dwell on the nebulous end…sometimes its hard, but I’m trying to keep my extra-strength imagination in check.

I also got back to walking this week. I plugged in my Nike+ to my nano and did about a mile+ every day and was able to track it and measure it then sync it to the nikeplus website, and I was pretty pleased with it.
nikeplusDespite the fact that I am horking up a lung, today I went out and did more than a mile (30 minutes today; I did 1.04mi in about 18 minutes the last few days…so maybe 1.7 miles?) but I couldn’t tell you exactly how many miles I did because the little fucker disconnected and wouldn’t resync.
Turns out its quite a common occurrence with no known fix…and a profound silence from both Nike and Apple about the whole thing.
So, you’ll just have to take my word for it. I can’t post my little progress widget that they generate on their site with information synced from my nano to prove it, but I will be manually doing it. And if I can get the thing to read again I’ll try. However, part of the issue is that it poops out in the middle of the workout (today’s poop was at 20 minutes and I walked 30ish) and doesn’t keep track of anything but time.
So, the plan is to do 5+ miles a week which is not much, but its a compromise as I get to walk in a safe area by myself and I don’t get sweaty and can go back to work. I can’t stay after work to do it either as I need to get home to Bunny to feed her. (Though I have some things I’m going to try to remedy that to let me stay just a little later in the evening and if I’m a bit sweaty no one will be in the office to notice anyway. Of course I’ll post on it when I get it sorted.)