Fred the Bear

Bear trainer Johnny Welde and Fred the grizzly share an intimate moment at the Southern New Mexico State Fairground near Las Cruces.

I swear…

the more I read about this person, the more I’m convinced I’m reading (a MUCH MUCH nicer version of) me.

“I’m really looking forward to the final Harry Potter book. I’m instituting a media lockdown in the days to come – I’m determined not to read any spoilers or find out ahead of time. We’ve got a pact in the office…we’re all going to be careful. My copy is set to arrive in the morning, and I’ll spend the day reading. I had an invitation to go and line up, but I know I’d just end up reading all night long and be tired and crabby the next day.”


and apparently she’s talking Fred into things…

“Also, I got a registration confirmation email for the 3-Day Novel Writing Contest. I’m trying to talk Fred into signing up, too. C’mon, Fred! It’ll be fun!”


search term

“convention for people named fred” found my site today. I WANT TO GO, TOO!!!

Can’t you just picture it? 500 people wearing those name tags that say:

fredlet: the next generation

No, I’m not knocked up.

When I moved over to WordPress, I killed off my blogger blog… and now it has a new owner!
(Eden said her old feed reader suddenly filled up with fredlet stuff that “wasn’t fredlet”.)
Anyhoo, go over and all say hi to the new Fredlet