stupid SFO

Whoever the fucking asshole silly buttons is who changed out the Starbuck’s kiosk out for that Peet’s shite needs to be removed and quite possibly beaten.
I’m sure I looked like I had Tourettes bitching about it to Tex on my bluetooth headset as I walked all the way across Terminal 3 (twice).

hi from bucky’s and my mylo!

promo deal with Tmobile and sony when you buy one before the end of the year… pretty much you get the mylo for free :). (pretty well makes up for the barista who isn’t ready for primetime and botched my drink. grr.)

CHICAGO: Day 00 (!)

I’m here.
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At the corner of Clinton and Van Buren in Chicago cooling my dogs after flying all night (and surprisingly, *sleeping* on the plane all through the SAN>>ORD leg in the center seat) then taking the CTA to Union Station-ish area where Amy and I ended up last time we passed through here.

I dub thee MY STARBUCKS! They even got my triplebrevetepidnofoamlatte right.

Hell’s bells.

I was kinda sweating it taking the blue line since I didn’t obsessively plan this trip like the last time I was out here… and I have slept since then so the details didn’t stick too well.

In fact, I’m surprised I am not freaking out right now… could be sleep deprivation, since I didn’t put EVERYTHING into my Treo (though having an unlimited wireless connection helps my Asperger’s more than you’ll ever know) such as the station I should get off of to get to Union Station, the exact name of the hotel (but frankly, I googled it earlier and only found one of that general name, and can google it from the Treo – see? Calming effect.)

One would think that I am calming down, but I think its just that I have found a suitable remedy for my neuroses.

I was walking from the plane to the blue line and was thinking about how other cities *in the U.S.* make me nervous, but other countries don’t.

Haven’t figured that one out yet.

Also haven’t figured out what makes me such a nervous nellie at times and yet, some people tell me I’m very brave… I think I just fake it well.

We shall see.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. (think JournalCon without those pesky conferences and all the food, drink and more shopping with the same crowd. JournalNon if you will)

I was reading TranceJen’s entry about this weekend and was happy to note that it wasn’t just me who is in a state of awe at the friends I’ve found on teh intarweb. Now I kinda groc the whole letter writing culture of old that has been resurrected in a slightly updated form.

Well, there’s your disjointed entry for this weekend. I’m going to have about 3 hours sleep in the next day (added to the distinct lack of sleep I inflicted on myself by leaving getting ready until almost last minute before I left… (Hey, I think I’ve been kidnapped by aliens and my pod person is a slacker.))

It reminds me of going to Paris and the resultant out of body state I usually have getting used to being at home again in my city and th 9 hour time difference between SFO and CDG.

More later…

Things I have learned today

1. I don’t have a lot of patience right now.
2. when you are being good and drink a lot of water, the universe
rewards you by making you pee every 20 seconds.
3. I’m probably feeling self pitying, but it seemed rather devastating that they didn’t have the fruit and cheese plate at Bucky’s.