Things I accomplished this week Feb 3 2019

  1. Found toothpaste tablets for a reasonable price that, while it isn’t local and in bulk, it still comes in compostable packaging. This will be great for travel, too. Will let you know how they taste etc.
  2. Have been saving my compostable stuff in the freezer and I’ll set up a compost bin soon (is raining this weekend and B’s bday) so, next week…soon.
  3. Organized my lotion bar and self care supplies. So far I have lip balm, lotion bars (shaped like toy story aliens), and hair leave in conditioner. I gave lotion bars to Mama and the kid for xmoose and an alien to my friend.
  4. I’m test driving a new deodorant that has refills for it. I just got it, so thoughts later.
  5. Bulk shopping at Sprouts and Whole Foods hasn’t been too bad. There are a few things I haven’t found that I would like to get, but it’s a start AND I can use my mason jars and not use plastic bags to carry the stuff home.
  6. Using local and pasture raised milk, eggs, and butter. Might see what the local farmers market has.
  7. I’m buying various fruits and veggies and just eating those throughout the day. Oh avocados, how I 💚 you.
  8. Made a yummy pot pie using leftovers and stuff from the pantry so things wouldn’t get wasted.

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