This week’s reductions

Little differences I’m tried to make this week:

  1. Bought bulk bin black eyed peas, used my reusable produce bin bag which I 💚 (link below)
  2. couldn’t find bulk adzuki beans for the dal makhani, but found a can of them so it would be more recycle-able
  3. got a brioche from the bakery @ Whole Foods instead of a loaf of sliced bread and put it in my produce bag (nom, made French toast for B today with it.)
  4. Reducing amount of dairy I’m using, NutPods makes me giggle but tastes pretty good in my coffee
  5. I found that my pasture raised (not just free range) egg place also does pasture raised moo cows for butter, switching to that next
  6. Started a compost container (reusing a pokebowl container) for the freezer for when I organize a compost bin this week for the porch (gonna try to compost what I can of the foods and food containers I get. Also the dirt will be great for my tomato plants!)
  7. Used up the 2 aging tomatoes from the food at home in the dal makhani I made last night (also going for reducing meat consumption around here a bit.)
  8. Switched to a shampoo bar for my hair full time (I’ll use up my last bits of liquid shampoo and conditioner eventually, but I didn’t just throw them out.) and got a bottle of apple cider vinegar for the rinse. I did buy a plastic bottle for the shower because I don’t fancy my clumsy hands dropping glass and breaking it. (I’ll refill it from glass or bulk if I can find someplace…) I already travel with a shampoo bar and I like it just fine.

Phew. Looks like I did a lot, just gotta make it repeatable.

On the list for future changes:

  1. More reusable produce bags, there’s also a mini produce stand bag (which is what I have now) but I’m getting this next:
    ChicoBag Produce Stand Complete Starter Kit – rePETe Mesh & Hemp-Cotton Reusable Produce Bags with Pouch (Set of 3)
  2. Safety razor, but I need to make sure I can maintain it well. My bathroom is awfully steamy since I am still working on replacing the vent fan that broke and requires cutting into the damn wall to extract. Pesky cheap builders from the 70’s. Grrrr.
  3. A dish scrubby, sans plastic, with replaceable heads.

What do you find maintainable that is good for the environment? (Aside from nagging giant corporations who cause 90% of the pollution regardless…)


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