Panama City, Panama – Thursday 4/9

Slept a mighty 11 hours and woke up ready for coffee. (good coffee…haven’t found much yet here-that’s a little disheartening.)
Room service was wacky, we just giggled over the fact that they wanted to give us Froot Loops though we opted for granola and yogurt.
Mama had whatever cold/allergies thing is going around last week and so she’s still taking it easy. I’m good with that actually. I am not as gung ho about 12-15 hour days of sightseeing, trying to remember my Spanish, figure out how they do things in this particular Central American country (Uruguay was amusing because they speak a mishmash of Spanish with Portuguese pronunciation. Apparently it is the same dialect in Argentina. I got the hang of it eventually, but language processing takes a lot of brain power that I haven’t used lately, so I am out of practice.) Anyhoo, it isn’t too bad here. I smile goofily (I call it my happy puppy face) and start slowly. It helps that people here are really, really sweet and like to giggle along with me while saying their English isn’t very good. Its all fine and I’m digging the folks I’ve dealt with so far.
We walked down from the hotel to the main road , Ave Balboa, and I took a lot of pictures. Neat skyline. One of the things I like about it is that it is not just a bunch of skyscrapers in long, tall boxes in a row. They have twists and curves and decorations that make it unique, but still restrained enough that it isn’t just a bunch of garish buildings.
So. Very. Humid.
This is not a surprise, we are on an isthmus between two BIG bodies of water, I’m still going to squawk a bit about it. I’ve been ok about washing clothes in the sinks in hotels for as long as I have traveled, but I get a little soaked by the end of the day that I might not have brought enough clothes this time. Heh. Never thought I’d say that…of course I couldn’t find all my merino shirts since I moved, so I don’t need to worry about buying more, just finding the little boogers in all my carefully arranged clutter at home that I am still sorting out.
I really don’t think I brought too few clothes actually… i think I just want to wear my favorite shirt every day… not about logic, you see.
Had a snack of cheeses and shrimp crostini (that I picked out the overt onions and hoped wildly that it wouldn’t have too much other onion in it) and devoured both. The tomatoes here are very sweet and tasty. The shrimp crostini had a hot, sweetness to it that I loved (mom says it was too hot for her and that she doesn’t know who I am anymore ;) )

Tried to see if we could get on one of those bus tours to the canal, but since a bunch of presidential types are in the area, there are lots of cancellations. We’ll have to wing it. I really want to see the canal, then my Eiffel trifecta will be complete (Statue of liberty (both!), the Eiffel tower and the Panama Canal. I really should start a list or a book or something with wacky lists of this kind.)
Had a steak for dinner then went back to the hotel so mama could pass out. I was well rested so I was awake til the wee hours. I knew I’d feel it in the morning, but oh well.
Good trip so far.


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