Panama City, Panama – Wednesday 4/8

I chose the o’ god hundred flight to get me to Houston on purpose. (I have to keep reminding myself of that.)
It wasn’t so bad getting there and getting through security because there was no one at the airport at 4 am (no one in their right mind at least), but only having about 2 hours of sleep on a travel day isn’t my best option.
Sorry world.

I wasn’t crabby even though Starbucks wasn’t open (and no, I dont consider anything on the plane coffee at all) I even got a latte with a minimum of fuss in Houston for my connection. Really it was all fine – I was only about 4 minutes away from my next gate – which never happens… it was ony when I started dealing with the rest of the world that it all made me want to crawl under a chair at the airport and hide.
Mom’s present didn’t get to her on time before we left-despite Amazon Prime + overnight shipping fees (It was something for this trip we are on, so I squawked at Amazon and FedEx on Twitter about that) then my plans to hang out with Susan in Houston next weekend, as Iam going to be there briefly, kinda got all bungled and I started feeling the lack of sleep.
Anyway, I talked firmly to myself about how to fix it all without letting myself go too far into the anxiety phase and calmed down.
The things I thought would be issues just weren’t so I calmed down more.
Met mom in line for boarding and soon we were on our way to Panama City to explore.
I was still tired so i ignored my brain telling me it was stamping its petulant foot and that it didn’t want to go anywhere new and the rest of the day passed without issue.

Got a cab and the cabbie was playing some sort of Mexican radio sounding club mix. I liked it for the most part, made me giggle when it went into the reggae region, but it was somehow fitting to have it as a soundtrack for driving into the city. I didn’t get any pictures coming into the city worth posting…all too blurry from the crazy taxi ride. But hi-rise lights through the sea haze on an inky black coast reminded me of Hawaii or Monaco or some sort, very pretty in any event.
Got into our hotel (they gave us a cookie! Our access cards have a cookie on them! Now I have “C is for Cookie” stuck in my head.) Mom and I traded all the presents we brought for each other, compared travel gadgets, then I flopped on the bed and said “I want a steak and sleep.” We managed to get a hamburger from room service (Just FYI the tomatoes here are divine) I scraped off the onions, and reluctantly the guac-just in case, then devoured it.
I realized also that I somehow took out the travel sim chip OUT OF my unlocked android phone and therefore I couldn’t make a cell call with it. (“YOU HAD ONE JOB.” said mom.) However I had reloaded our account in the last couple of days in prep for using it here and noticed that now they have a VoIP option, and had already gotten that set up (also we test drove MagicJack and was able to make that work as well). Am an idiot, but I can sort of fix it most of the time. I can’t remember why on earth I took out the sim, but I’m sure it was very important and I put it in a very safe place. Mom just laughed. Sigh.

I slept for 11 solid hours in a well air conditioned room.
Good stuff.


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