Of late…

So, to recap, slightly:
1. Still unemployed (yes, looking.)
2. Still fighting EDD for my benefits.
3. Pondering what I want to be when I grow up (I think, rich and healthy and happy is what I have settled on.) I’d like to putter around the (clean, well organized) house and garden with my cats in sweater weather. Drink coffee and travel with B when the mood strikes… Anyone hiring for that?)

The house looks less like hoarders delight and more like “we have a lot of shit, dude. Let’s get rid of more stuff.” Shedding stuff is a bit like poking old bruises to see when it stops hurting (at that point it donate the stuff to charity or friends or the recycle bin.) However, the flow outward has slowed down lately. I’m getting to the hard to choose stuff and also the complex reconfiguration of things to condense further.
For example, I redid some photo albums from my Paris trip in 1990 to be one album (4×6 sleeved album) and will copy my journal from that summer into a 4×6 notebook and put them together on the shelf. The old journal will get stored. Tidier, work intensive, but better. Travel journals from now on will follow this format as well…until I change my mind and redo it all again :)
Evolution, baby.

(This is sort of what I want to do…)

Speaking of travel, B and I want to go on a European adventure in a year or 2 when I get income flowing again and we can save up for it (yes, I’ve started planning already – gives me something to glom onto while I’m getting though the more tedious bits of post-move and the unemployment battle. I even put out a Mason jar to stick $$ into to start saving. A dollar here and there helps.
I should get a job for many reasons, but one of the most important reasons is that I am on Pinterest and more specifically on the craft boards on Pinterest.
That is very dangerous. People already are getting home made stuff for xmoose this year. I’m also pondering decorating for xmoose already.
This is very dire.


{ o }==(::)

On a more serious note, my life on 9/11 seems like another world with curiously strong similarities, but exceptionally good differences. Still thinking good thoughts to everyone affected by that occurrence.
I wish y’all peace.
So mote it be.


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