2014 > 2013 > 2012

Vast improvement in the years of late… things sort of started to wobble seriously in 2009 when Bunnycat got sick, but that was sort of expected. She was almost 20.
2010 hurt, but again, was sort of anticipated when I had to let her go.
2011… much improved by getting kittens and Tex getting a good job, though I was not as careful with my wishes as I should have been (be careful what you wish for – I wished that I could spend more time with Tex and that he didn’t have to work so many hours to pay the bills… pancreatic cancer and disability was not what I had in mind to meet those criteria. Sigh.)
2012…well… sucked.
2013 was another series of weird highs and lows. Many, many losses and some incredible wins. There almost was no middle ground last year.
This year (the year that Jupiter moves into Leo*-which is supposed to be the luckiest thing ever…well, you know.) has been a bit more moderate. There have been a bunch of emotional things, but not ones like the last several years have brought.
I’m so tired.
Recap of the last couple of months (I’ve been tweeting, but not journaling much.) I got moved into B’s place, it is SLOWLY becoming livable, I’m getting rid of LOTS of things and we don’t look so much like hoarders anymore.
To be fair, if I was a hoarder I wouldn’t have casually gotten rid of 50+ boxes of donation items to date. I’m just getting to the point of making harder decisions of getting rid of stuff now. My new anxiety reducing exercise is

Q: “Where will I put this?”
A: “Give it away.”

…which works. Frankly if I have to ask myself where I am going to put it regardless I know it is destined for the donation pile.
I sort of have a deadline now anyway, I invited mama over for brunch on my birthday which means the front porch has to look cute (read: arrange rosemary pots, plant wee herb garden in the aluminum pails, possibly paint the table to match my Adirondack chairs (and they aren’t done yet, but they are sittable and passably cute)) clean the kitchen, have the living room sittable as well. Also, I’m getting back on the Atkins bandwagon, so I’ve started to scale back on my carb consumption.
Hijinks ensue, natch.
Still skating. Still loving it. I might be ready to get the rest of my safety gear (knee pads, elbow pads, helmet) since I can skate backwards (generally with my wrist guards on) and doing crossovers around the turns. I don’t want to be a derby girl (though they are badass and awesome) nor do I want to be a ref (tried reffing in field hockey in high school and I was TERRIBLE) I think I just want to skate like a derby girl. Plus good exercise.
Unfortunate side effect of skating though: now we REALLY need to win the lotto because I want a skate rink at home. A 3 car (or more) garage will do just fine in a pinch.
The unemployment saga continues as well. (I think I am as het up over this nonsense as I am about dealing with Tex’s accounts. It just won’t end, also I don’t seem to be able to let it go.) I finally have a hearing. Materially my circumstance has not change since I applied shortly after I got laid off (which in turn was shortly after I stopped being on FMLA part time leave-those fuckers.) EDD denied me, denied me, ignored me, ignored me, ignored me and I just kept badgering them. This hearing is the most response I’ve gotten from them in the year and a half I’ve been trying to get my unemployment benefits. It is so frustrating.
Next Monday is the hearing. I don’t know if that will be the end of the matter or not, but I really want it to be. It messes with my sleep and emotions something fierce being this frustrated with them.
Got a birthday coming up and the standard wishlist has been created (which will probably, just as standardly, be ignored by everyone as well – heh. But that’s ok, I just get a few things from it anyway for myself. I’m drooling over this camera and pondering ways to make money and reduce my pile o’ stuff at the same time. One of the things I considered was selling my Canon Rebel xsi digital with 35-80mm lens – Any interest? ~$100 Its in brilliant condition and I have a bunch of goodies to go along with it. Let me know in comments…



*Jupiter in Leo happens about every 12 years. The last time this happened was on my tail end of getting divorced to D. It was also tempered by some other planetary nonsense involving my health-my ulcer being my primary health problem. So this time, I should have 13 months of lucky breaks. (But also remember that you have to go out and do things for the universe to give you those lucky breaks. Action is part of reaction.) So I made a wishlist and made it lots more ambitious than I normally would for the next 13 months of Jupiter in my sign. Tiny (vacation) home, great job opportunities, traveling and HEALTH and joy are all part of that wish list.
So mote it be. Blessed be, y’all.


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