Hello, world!

(I should really look to see how many times, I have made that joke, I bet I’m the only one who thinks it is amusing ;) )

Anyway, moving and sorting and cleaning continues apace. I’m taking my sweet ass time doing this move. A. Because I have a little bit of a luxury of time to do it right, find things, make things work in the new space and 2. because I hate moving.
So very hate moving.
Don’t get me wrong, moving in with B is exactly what I want, but there’s always that settling in period, trying to compromise on things and also trying to keep Otto from peeing on things (like rugs when B really wants a rug… again, sigh.) I’m actually feeling my way through the moving in thing. I find landmines here and there emotionally and it takes me a little while to wrap my head around them; stuff like rejection,  loss, losing people and worrying about things that I might be doing wrong without realizing it. There are logical things I can work through, but my brain tells me that I’ll be thinking about these things for a while. Not a surprise, but whatever. I’m not in denial, but when I look at the last 2-3 years, I sometimes wonder if it really all happened. Very surreal.
I’m just trying to deal with things as they come.
So anyway…
I’ve been painting my Adirondack chairs in some of my down time. As much as I love unfinished wood look, the exterior varnish I got just wasn’t protecting the chairs enough. Brick red exterior paint to the rescue! (This process might take a little while as I have a limited attention span for the tedious bits…) So far I’ve gotten most of the seat, the back parts and the under side… of at least one chair. I’ll catch up on the other chair the next time it isn’t too windy while the sun is out.
Did my trip to Uruguay, however my writer brain has gone into hibernation because really all I can come up with to describe it all is “Gee, it was swell!” (Really, brain? Wow.). Took lots of pictures… I need to go back to Montevideo and take about 900 more pictures.
B and I also go skating at least once a week I have different calf muscles than I’ve ever have before… I have pretty good calves from walking, but these are new… so cool!
I’m also pretty sure I look like this when I skate:

Not hard to look that happy when it is that much fun and I get to skate with this adorable guy:
Anyway, I’m submitting resumes here and there (and seemingly carpet bombing Apple HR with resumes, LOL) I gave notice on my other apartment and I need to be out June 1, so I should get a job by June 2.
Sound about right?
Sure! (work with me here, people.)


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