Let them eat cake.

Prepped and took one trip (annual trip to Green Bay) and now prepping for another trip (to Uruguay with mama) but the difference between the two trips is that one will be rather warm.
-17 degrees F beat me up a bit. SUPER dry… I think my eyeballs tried to freeze when I was walking outside once, my lips split and my sinuses decided they were going to try to kill me. I tip my hat to the brave souls who live in that polar vortex on a regular basis…also, you are crazy.
60’s and 70’s is more my speed, even if it is in Spanish. (Bonus! Do I remember any useful Spanish? Dunno. Maybe I should brush up with my audible.com account on the plane…)
In other news, I remain unemployed, but aside from wanting money, I’m kind of ok with that. I am moving in with my sweetie and need the time to do a bit of purging of stuff, organizing the stuff that I still haven’t organized since the last move (I’m not complaining, but I don’t recommend moving like that… Hell I can’t recommend most of 2011, 2012 and we’ll withhold judgement on 2010 for now.) and generally not doing it all at a breakneck speed.
I’m happy about all of this, but I’m also a bit trepidatious.
Not about B, I don’t doubt him, but having lost a good deal in the last 3 years, I’m not ready to ponder losing anymore. It’s hard to explain, but I suppose if you just think of me as a survivor of the Great Depression (not the one I went through, I’m nicely medicated now, thankyouverymuch) but in terms of me saving paper bags and hoarding pennies, you might get an inkling of what my brain and heart are panicking over currently.
I do my normal thing of “one foot in front of the other, fredlet. Don’t borrow trouble, just plan for the future and do what you know you can do to mitigate risk” and move on, but occasionally I get a wave of dread or pain or whatever it is and I have to resist grabbing B in a bear hug or squishing the kittens in a kitten sized bear hug which would freak them out, too.
Last year was better in terms of the stuff I had to go through, some of it was normal relationship nonsense that I am still processing, some of it was panic (I did a marvelous imitation of a deer in the headlights when one of my friends had a cancer relapse scare), for a few tense months I also watched from afar as two people I love went/are going through a lot of what Tex and I went through (happily one’s husband has pulled through and he’s still available for hugs) some of it was just me getting older and having to put up with body shit.
Not to mention the fact that I dealt with both Mikey’s and Tex’s 1 year death anniversaries in the span of 3 weeks during the holidays… I’m not saying 2013 was a cakewalk, but given the net result, I’ll call it a win.
Your mileage may vary.
Ok, now I shall get my to do list in order, clean a lot, skate a lot (oh yeah, I’m back on quad skates for fun again. 6th grade served me well as a skating class…) and then pack for Uruguay.



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