Tiny musings and whatnot

I get annoyed when people post these "We are kicking cancer’s ass!" things.
I mean, intellectually I understand positive attitude, the fighting spirit in the face of adversity and RAWR… but then the heartbreaking reality is that Tex died. My aunts died. My best friend Martha died. My grandfathers both died. My friend’s dad is dying.

Fuck cancer. Fuck you very much.

It isn’t rage, but it is a steely resolve that we need to get this shite under control…especially when there are certain types of cancer that are just a death sentence; like pancreatic carcinoma.

It is bullshit.

OK. Moving on.

Looking for a new job. I’ve had my break, my brain is dreaming about project manager-y stuff (despite the fact that I am open to other roles-I like learning new things) and frankly, I have plans that I want to get on with now.

Forward, please.


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