Ermmmm… hey January? whatcha doing?

Got caught off guard a few weeks ago.

First it made me very, very sad.
Then I learned a lot of things that happened in October of last year that I was rather surprised to learn about and I got really pissed off and super disappointed.

However, other very good things have happened since then and so I am actually very happy and it made certain decisions really easy.

I’m still pretty pissed about the level of crap still floating around about this, but I am disengaging from the situation.

Yes, I am talking about dating.
No I will not discuss any more detail than that.

Other than that, i am cleaning out the house, I am looking for a job (still no unemployment benefits….) and planning on my trip to Green Bay in March.

Its only mid-January, but I hope things settle down a little bit… starting off the year like that was a bit disconcerting. I hope the rest of the year will be good, I know there are always things to deal with, but given what I have survived over the last few years, its pretty clear I will get through it.

(Dear universe, that is NOT a dare… love, fredlet)

In conclusion, here’s me and my sweetie at xmoose.
We’re adorable.


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