October. Staahhp. Where you goin’ October?

Never thought being an unemployed wastrel would be this busy.

Coming and going hither and yon…makes a body tired.

Also dating a bit… yes, I know. But it is working and I’m happy. (I miss Tex, I am still grieving; I always will, but I can’t just live in a puddle of grief all the time, its bad for the pores.)

Found my orange down jacket as well! Yay! I was having separation anxiety (Dear Patagonia, you are teh awesome.) found it just in time, it started getting a little nip in the air again at night. Also I went to Green Bay (and wore it there) again; that’s a lot more than I am used to…but it was good and mun. Saw Kari and met her family (finally… after 8 years or so of hanging out together.) Saw Susan and pillaged Shopko. Saw Weet and Esteban and the new stylish space-age swanko-swingin’ digs. I had fun, but I’m very tired and my resistance to buying cheesehead-derivative products is diminished considerably by repeated exposure at MKE.

I am a weak willed consumer at times.

When I saw Kari, she showed me around Waukesha and it is completely adorable!

img 3743

img 3742

Also, as it is along the Fox River (I have a plan to do a lot of the hiking trails along the river that Kari showed me ;) ) they have fox statues around town decorated different ways (and now I feel the need to locate them and photograph them all) here’s one of Kari’s favorites:

…and a detail:

Fun trip.

Before that I went on a short camping trip near Grass Valley (was very warm, but par for the course at the end of August), went to Texas for my grandmother’s 90th birthday, made the first chicken corn chowder of the season and made a little progress cleaning the living room and garage.

November hasn’t filled up yet, but we still have time, grasshopper… we have time yet.

Wisconsin in the fall is very pretty.


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