August redux

Shhhh, be vewwy vewwy quiet. We’wre hunting meteowrs.

Got a text from Chadwick a few weeks ago saying "Hey! wanna go look up into the inky void for 6 hours far from the madding crowd?" (I may have taken a bit of license with his words…)

Duh, of course.

So we trekked down to Coe State Park, with cookies (and I got coffee), and sat out and watched meteors.

It was gorgeous.

That was the 10th I think…? I have been running around like a mad thing lately.

My friend Chris was out here the week after and he helped me put together my adirondack chairs:

I need to put a protective coat of waterproofing on them, but I’ve still been out on the deck at night with them in front of my solar "fireplace" and listening to crickets at night.

Then I went to Texas for my grandmother’s 90th birthday and have been out playing, being (demented and sad but) social and, at times, even cleaning the house! (I got a bee in my bonnet the other day to move Ft. Kitten to the living room and open up the sitting area. I like it better in the sitting area, but will still have to get the living room to be less of a war zone.)

I’m rather content at the moment.

Next month looks pretty busy though, I’d better go prep for all the stuff. :)


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