July stuff

I’m puttering through Mercury Retrograde as usual…it is relatively quiet for me, but the fallout for my inner circle is always frustrating to watch because I cant just go fix it for them. Ah well, almost over.
I have a new list of media to watch and listen to, which should make getting anything done around the house and for freelance work just that much more icky.
One of the new things is the Mumford & Son cd. Yes, it has been out for a while, but I have been a little resistant to getting it because i really liked the song on the radio and with most large label music, they make them do one commercial friendly song and the rest of the album bears no resemblance to that one song. Not that I am necessarily radio obsessed, the opposite could be said, but I dislike bait and switch. Pandora has helped a lot in that regard as they suggest similar music to what I have set up. Anyway, I ended up checking (and Thumbs Up-ing) every song from this album that got played. It is on heavy rotation on Sweet Caroline’s stereo.

I’m wallowing in  Marcus Mumford’s voice.

Then there’s all the imagery I’ve had running around my brain since I have been confined(ish) with the ankles being so ouchy.

Fire and Air ignite.
Ethereal alchemy;
marks upon the earth.

(Haiku, because for some reason I can’t NOT make limericks raunchy…and I just suck at poetry.) Its a weird place lately, my brain.



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