heat and the lost weeken… er…week.

High pressure system joined us and shifted the jet stream so we are having a warm weather spell. I have a/c in several rooms (normally don’t need them at all) so I’m ok for cool, but my head has been splitting open due to the high pressure.

It isn’t a migraine, I haven’t had one of those for a while, but my eyeballs were trying to go out the front of my head to escape my sinus cavity and looking at anything just hurt, so I napped and napped and napped.
Got zero accomplished. There goes the weekend.

Oh well. Its too hot to run around or anything anyway.

I’ve moved my base of operations to the bedroom for now, it has the most options for comfy and is a smaller room to cool. Hooray for laptops! The kittens are in and out of the room when they feel like it and so all seems to be ok for now.

In between working bouts I plan to tidy up the bedroom, do laundry and fill another box for garage sale stuff. I still sweat my brains out moving around so they shall be small breaks. My house is messy, mostly half done cleaning that I start on and then get overheated or my headache just said “no” to… bother.

This has been my view for the last 3 days. I wake up covered in cat toys from Moon Pie wanting to play fetch and not being able to wake me :) Poor kitteh.


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