Now that I have more time on my hands, I’m working to do a couple of things.

1. Be here now

2. Survive until my next adventure

I’m not necessarily whining about being lonely, but I thought I was a self-sufficient little critter until I had the luxury of having my love/best friend/running buddy with me all-the-damn-time… and then not; and then realized just how very much I miss it and still need that. Not just anyone can fill that position, I’m not just looking for a 1:1 replacement. But still… I feel the absence keenly.

So, I look forward to being with my favorite people now and get a little verklempt when something falls through.

Dealing with the year is kind of a daunting prospect. Normally at (former) work, we’d be fully into hell by now, I would have some sort of birthday adventure planned, holidays that take up the end of the year would be sorted out mostly and I would have to plan for organizing things for Tex as well as myself.

Now the year is largely unimagined. The shocking blur of March through May is still leaving me reeling and I haven’t decided if I want to ponder things on a deeper level regarding AUG-DEC or not. I have a semi-arbitrary deadline for myself of June/July of next year for various and sundry reasons, but those, too are being put on a back burner for now.

Deep thoughts, man.

Being here now is lots of work.

6 months today. Sigh.


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