I like planning.


It gives me somewhere to start.
In business, I need to know the end result is going to be a concrete thing and that I will have the deliverable (and the basic requirements for infrastructure that have to be there for future expansion) in place at a certain time. But in life, I have been told that it isn’t about deliverables. (I whined “But why not?” to that…never said I was a grown up.)
I’ve got a list of things to accomplish now. The end result is unknown, but it should be an improvement over right now.
I think I might be calm about the next year now. It isn’t a great yawning chasm of emptiness and despair anymore. I’m sure I’ll get anxious and impatient here and there (I am me after all), but for now, I can wait. It is temporary… and even if I change my mind for an end result I can. But it gives me a plan and something to track to and I can work with that.
Building foundations is lots of work.
(And I don’t think I can adequately express how much I crave calm right now.)


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