I got a homework assignment today.

I’m trying to do it correctly, to…well, do the right thing I suppose and let loose the reigns a bit.

My assignment was to choose a moment of love and remember that. Not to recall loss, anger, sadness or frustration… because the love is still there… and to hold onto the love even when the person is not.

It wasn’t a hard decision to make:

The sky was the clear, bright blue of spring, the sun was warm but cool in the shade. We were waiting outside the diner for a table, but it was to be a bit of a wait, so we sat on the wooden benches there. Well, he sat and I stood. My hip against his chest and his arms wrapped around my waist holding me to him. My hands went absentmindedly to his silky, fine hair to cradle his head as I looked at the people and the neighborhood around us.

He hadn’t spoken, but I suddenly looked down at him and saw his face upturned to mine; eyes closed, small smile on his lips, my hand cradling the back of his head and there was only us.

And that moment is the picture of love that I will hold onto. The rest is gone now, but I will keep that one memento and the feeling of that second.