Forgiveness, is more than saying sorry…

"LEO. (July 22 – Aug. 21): You’re too forgiving of someone who doesn’t deserve it and too critical of someone who does. It’s high time that you reverse the equation."

I asked Trish who I wasn’t forgiving and she said…"yourself".

"Oh." Was my intelligent reply.

I suppose yes.


My luck used to work like this: Something bad would happen, then something good would happen that would offset it. It wouldn’t make up for the bad thing and the net total of shit would still be in the negative side, but it wouldn’t be over the edge bad. Like some people have parkma and can find a parking spot anywhere, anytime.

It just doesn’t seem to be that way anymore.

It isn’t scientific (but then again I listen to my guts when I choose stuff and more often that not, these guts are right… though when they are wrong… well, it ain’t pretty, I tell you what.) but it just seems wonky and off kilter.

The last couple of years have been hard. Losing Bunnycat was tough, but to be fair, she was 19 1/2 when her heart gave out (renal failure care was hard, but part and parcel for older cats.) I don’t begrudge all the work and giving up travel and spending money on the care… she was my child and best friend, how could I have done anything less?

Tex getting pancreatic cancer was brutal. It was horrific, terrifying and it wrecked me. During it I learned so much about my world. It wasn’t fucking fair and I’m still furious about it.

I’m trying not to be bitter or feel like I’m entitled to special treatment, but I’m still just struggling to deal with normal life disappointments with equanimity. I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. I feel like when something happens that I just am reduced down to component parts. I can’t just let it go. The balance is off… not even there really.

Jeebus I’m so whiny lately. I’m tired of hearing myself. But I don’t know how to shut up.

Sorry y’all.