I need…

something. I was trying to figure out what I need. Couldn’t get any farther than “I need.”
Maybe that is enough of a statement right there.


Fresh waves of grief over Tex lately. Next week would have been our 1 year wedding anniversary.
I had to take my wedding ring off a long time ago and move my engagement ring to my right hand. When I looked at my wedding ring all I could hear was "Til death do us part." Someone who loved me unreservedly, that I was important to… and trusted. Don’t find that very often.
Fucking universe.

I might hole up in the house for a while. Losing it in the dairy section of Trader Joe’s isn’t fun. (Even anti-anxiety pills can only do so much and they don’t do anything about grief and hurt.)

Maker Faire was eventful – won a blue ribbon Editor’s Choice and got lots of people asking about art installations of the Calliope – but I am peopled out and will probably get pretty sick this week despite having to get some projects done.
L-Lysine will be the order if the day.
Also eye cream would probably help.