What goes around…

…seems to come around again whether you like it or not.
The only difference later is that you look at it and say "Screw that. I’m too old to be dealing with that shit." (but then you have to deal with it anyway…feh.)

Not lots of interesting news.
-I’m still getting mail addressed to Tex… which I have to open and see what it is. And as Kramer’s mother told me, in her well put polemic, that it would piss me off… and it does.
Jane be wise.

-I’m working on a project for Maker Faire this year, and it is diverting, but it is not done and we are getting down to the wire. Must make.

-I’m going to have to get back to work since EDD seems to not be able to decide if the 20 years of me paying a crapload into the unemployment system makes me eligible to receive those bennies or not. Fuckers.

-Ottov2 is still peeing… not in the box; but on the carpet that mom gave me… sorry mom. I put a catbox over the spots and so far it seems that they are using it, but I still see pee spots here and there. Oh well. I’ll keep working on her.
She seems happy though. Happy little pee cat.

-Moon Pie is still a love and her new name seems to be "Stop Eating The Plant"…she doesn’t always respond.

Today seemed to suck for some reason… for everyone.

I suppose I’m just a bit whiny so I shall eat the last ice cream cookie (not a normal denizen of the freezer) and ignore the day. Here’s hoping TUE isn’t as craptacular.