So we’re in the territory of when I started dealing with Tex being sick last year. (He didn’t tell me the full extent of things until I saw him go jaundiced.)

The kittens are 2 years old as of April 18. (good)

Tex has been dead for 4 months on April 25. (not good)

I’m needing to associate this time of year, and basically through Christmas day, with other things. Especially my birthday.
Yes, I got to take him home as my birthday present, but it was also the medical community saying, “Sorry, just watch him die from here. You might have a week.”

Dreamed Tex was here still last night. We were renting a house in Dallas with my friend Chris (who seemed very crabby about things for some reason). I couldn’t figure out why I had memories of watching Tex die while he was making the cable work (from bed, he still had cancer) on the PS3. Thought I was losing my mind. So I took a drive to clear my head in a very small Rx-7 and forgot to put my seatbelt on… then I got a ticket.


May Day is next Wednesday and I think I might have to make a bonfire (in a firepit) somewhere and see what the universe has to offer. Maker Faire is the weekend of the 18th and might have a line on a job…

Repurpose commencing.


Edit 5/26: Dear universe, I meant remake the dates with memories of GOOD THINGS.


3 thoughts on “2013

  1. Hey, I didn’t know you had a blog. I’ll add you to my links. I have one too ~ I used to whine about dating and family stuff, but then I didn’t want all that in public, so I did a big clean-up and now it’s pretty much just cupcake reviews and writing stuff. But maybe you’ll find a post of interest here or there. :)

    This is a tough time for you. Hugs.

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