So we’re in the territory of when I started dealing with Tex being sick last year. (He didn’t tell me the full extent of things until I saw him go jaundiced.)

The kittens are 2 years old as of April 18. (good)

Tex has been dead for 4 months on April 25. (not good)

I’m needing to associate this time of year, and basically through Christmas day, with other things. Especially my birthday.
Yes, I got to take him home as my birthday present, but it was also the medical community saying, “Sorry, just watch him die from here. You might have a week.”

Dreamed Tex was here still last night. We were renting a house in Dallas with my friend Chris (who seemed very crabby about things for some reason). I couldn’t figure out why I had memories of watching Tex die while he was making the cable work (from bed, he still had cancer) on the PS3. Thought I was losing my mind. So I took a drive to clear my head in a very small Rx-7 and forgot to put my seatbelt on… then I got a ticket.


May Day is next Wednesday and I think I might have to make a bonfire (in a firepit) somewhere and see what the universe has to offer. Maker Faire is the weekend of the 18th and might have a line on a job…

Repurpose commencing.


Edit 5/26: Dear universe, I meant remake the dates with memories of GOOD THINGS.


For years and years and years (a.k.a. my 30’s) I was a total stress-ball.
It was a combo of circumstance, people, my own built in anxiety about things and probably lots of other reasons due to poor decision making, but it all added up to an ulcer. I have since dispensed with the ulcer (and other factors via misc and sundry medical and legal methods) but the rules that I lived by in the last 10-15 years seem to sort of be a bit moot.
I’m not saying my ethics have changed, I’m still my own self and have firm ideas about being good to people and (mostly) taking the high road, but really, I think I need to re-examine some other things.
This should be interesting.
One of these things is food. For years, trying most Thai food was a dangerous prospect. Some random spice in there would double me over in pain and also I didn’t know anyone who I could trust to know the path to non-painful eating experience. Fast forward to now: well rested, anxiety under control, stress levels down significantly and found a person who is smart and knows Thai food well enough that I took a chance the other night. It was good.
Pad Thai, a coconut soup (that I can’t remember the name of now) and spring rolls (bonus! they don’t put mint all over everything like in Vietnamese food…). No stomach issues at all. Huzzah!
So, commencing Project Reevaluation…and soon Project Get Off My Arse and Find A New Job (still don’t know what I want to be if I grow up). Any ideas?
Also am at my grandmother’s for a few days. Nephews to torment, cousins to torment, grandmother to tease. Fun :)
BONUS: am writing this on my wee keyboard and my Nexus7 :)