Leftovers (it’s what’s for dinner and blog posts)

Another year in the great white north (and this year was white and not rainy…huzzah!)
A few things to note:
– +9F degrees is a little nippy
– my alcohol tolerance decided to make an appearance this year and my new nickname is “drunky fredlet”
– I am a happy, lovey drunk. (battle cry was “I love you, man!”)

I left a little earlier for Green Bay this year than I normally do, and I think it bears repeating next year. Only 8 years and I managed to find the sweet spot for sleep over the weekend, I also find that if the coffee I make is sweet enough I don’t need creamer (hence not having to get up earlier to get cream and sleeping just a little longer.) this was nice given i drank every night as well as closing down the house every night then going to bed. I think this startled a few people, but that is my task each year…surprise and delight, you see. (It also helped that I didn’t have to be designated driver this time either.)
I missed Tex but it isn’t the crushing my heart kind of pain anymore. I’ve been grieving for him since last May when I heard “pancreatic mass” despite the fact I worked myself into a heap of rubble doing everything I could for him.
I got home and went to sleep. There was some sort of horrid flu thing sweeping the continent and I think I staved it off by being unconscious for a week. Woke up long enough to make sure the house was still standing and feed the kittens then went back to sleep.
Woke up Sunday then roasted a chicken. Was good.
Possible plans for ukulele lessons in the works but no more news than that. If I do get one, I want it to be covered in glitter so I can call it Mr. Sparkle.


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