Vacuum is full. Time to buy a new one.

(Vacuum emptying was a Tex job.)
Almost done with making the house tidy (you’ll note that even though I am an unemployed wastrel that I have not managed to get the house totally clean. Though I have managed to get rid of a bunch of stuff, make the living areas livable and usable as well as making it look mostly like I want it to look.).

Sitting area in living room
Headboard area in bedroom
My photos over the telly
The experiment with making the other rooms not be so mysterious to the kittens is also (hopefully) working. I haven’t found Ottov2 trying to pee everywhere which I’m pleased with…in fact, aside from trying to eat my plant, they get sort of bored and hunker down to stare at me doing whatever it is that I am doing in there.
Annual trip to the great white north is Wednesday, so packing and getting the house ready for my niece worked pretty well. I think the kittens are calming down after the incessant tromping of visitors through the house while Tex was sick. No one was mean or anything, but there were lots of people who really didn’t know how to be easy with petting the kittens, so they got a little skittish. So Stevie kitten sitting will be good, they love their auntie Stevie.
It will be 2 weeks since I got unceremoniously dumped from my job on Wednesday. I slept almost the entire first week. I think I was in shock what with all the other nonsense that I went through in the last several months. I’m not too surprised that they did this, they never have been a company that you believed when they said that “their employees were their most valuable asset” (I did manage to refrain from coughing while saying BULLSHIT each time I heard them trot out that platitude… I do have some self restraint despite my low tolerance for hypocrisy). I do miss seeing certain people every day though, and it was a good distraction from getting into a train of thought that leads to the dark places of the last year.
I’m ok. Don’t panic over me or anything. I bitch a lot but I’m stronger than you’ll ever know…

Still, 2 months since he died. Hate it.


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