So I slept all day yesterday after getting home.
Slept til 9 today and pondered my options.

I’m trying not to let it all get to me but really these last 10 months have just been walking through molasses. So very tiring. I keep going as usual, but I’m just tired.

I am out of milk in the fridge… I left my remaining carton at work and forgot to get it out of the fridge while they escorted me out (classy, those folks). I was going to stop at TJ’s on the way home from lunch, but the turn lane was blocked by repair crews and I just couldn’t be arsed to make the big circle just to get back for a pint of half n half. Also my money sphincter has slammed shut and I am even thinking twice about just running to the store for a $3 purchase.

I’ll wait and combine a bunch of trips I have to do anyway then get to the restaurant supply place and pick up a $4 half gallon of half n half there (I won’t be springing for the $8 half gallon of cream even though I want it more.) I could get it and not break the bank, but really I just won’t.

But that still left me with no cream for my coffee and I don’t drink it without. High maintenance I suppose. So I mentally tallied up my options from my camping gear (less than tasty), I refused to go to Starbuck’s and splurge, but then remembered Tex’s stash of whipped cream in the fridge. (Seriously, he went through it like mad and everyone brought him cans) so I loaded up a mugful and dripped my fancy weekend coffee over it (I’ll be going back to the cheap stuff once this bag is gone)… and I proclaim it good.
Making lemonade from lemons? No, but I have coffee and that is more than I can say for yesterday.

Now, go kiss your honey if you are lucky enough to have one, tell your crush about your crush (or not…just smile at them today at least), don’t overdo it on the candy and be well, my friends.


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