Closing up shop…

…no, not this blog.
Like you could ever shut me up.

I’m slowly working my way through Tex’s accounts. Some people are kind, some people are just business as usual and some people are so stupid that I just lose my mind. I hear this is par for course. (I bought a book which has been helpful but it also makes me cry a lot so I can only read a few paragraphs at a time. Also when anyone ever calls from the hospice program to check on me, I blubber incoherently. I’m sure I’m terrifying them. Sigh.) it is rather tedious though. I get one thing done then get depressed when I rollover an account or shut down a service. Takes a few days before I can tackle the next. Then the DMV wouldn’t even work with his stuff until 40 days after death.
I’m also trying not to dwell on what won’t be happening. All the trips we talked about, ideas for a house, other stuff that we wanted to do. I just think about what I will do.
I’m likening my emotional and other processes here to a long jump. Yeah, you may land on your face and look like a moron, but fall forward. Don’t fall backward.
It’s also time to stop giving myself passes on things. I need to get my act together again. Gotta get back into my habits of kicking asses.
First one will be mine, I suppose.


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