I finally am not sick.
I’m finally not sleeping 22 hours a day from fighting off the flu or whatever (it was sick, not depressed… I craved orange juice and my neck ached. Standard fredlet indicators.) and now I need to get up, do whatever shall become the new normal for me. Tidying up and getting rid of shite, I presume.
I’m getting stuff on my to do list cleared out, well, the cleaning one at least. I have lots of to do lists (some people might call the other ones a financial plan or a budget, but that seems too formal for my tastes. ) that may take longer to check off the last item on, so they will have to wait.
I did finally get to a point where I signed up for a Target Red card, the debit version. @PlainJane is very wise and said I should so I did. I put it off for a while because the cash situation wasn’t terribly stable and I refused to get another credit card. So now that stuff is somewhat smooth, I am making sure I follow my budget (with built-in allowable play categories so I won’t just go crazy and blow any good efforts I had put in) and using cash to buy my groceries, household stuff and replace the odd appliance if feel I need to…and get 5% off each trip. I’ll keep you posted on the long term satisfaction. Based on previous shopping habits (i.e. 80% of what I get is at Target) this will probably pay off in the long term.
The weather is warmer, so I will get some stuff out to the garage for long term storage, the plants organized, the recycling out and probably will turn off the heater and air out the house. It’s a little stuffy in here.
I’m taking a knitting course tomorrow and next Sunday with Trish on hats (yeah, I know, all I have been making the last year is hats, but I’m sure I have some bad habits I need to stop and also I get to hang out with Trish) that I need to get my knitting supplies and the right bag setup together. I consider this fun so don’t make it out to be work.

But anyway, I got up this morning and decided to make a pancake and egg for brekkie before I set to work. It reminded me of Tex when I used to make (or when mom would come over and make) him the same thing. We cook the pancake up in butter then do and over-easy egg in more butter then it would be butter heaven after it was all on the plate.
Tex would invariably ask “Did you put butter on this?”
To which my standard response would be “Have you not met me?”
Miss my boy.

I finally dreamed about him last week. I had gotten home from doing something account related to his death and I opened the door to the living room and he was just walking around like nothing was wrong. I was a little confused and asked him if I should stop the applications etc.
Also finally dreamed about Mikey, too. I was explaining to some very large Samoan (large as in tall, he was 7 feet tall or something) why I couldn’t/wouldn’t want to make a living in the kitchen design/remodeling biz. There were lots of logical arguments (even upon reflection they seemed cogent…which rarely happens in my dreams, I tell you what…) against it, and Mikey piped up to contribute an (implausible) anecdote about tiling a kitchen that had gone wrong and I was correct to be hesitant about going into that industry.
Such mystical world are my dreams.
So, off to clean and clean out. I get a little weird if I don’t have stuff to do so I shall keep busy til I fall over tonight.



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