Regrets… I haz ’em.

I know I’ve always refused to acknowledge regrets, but they are in my head. Blah. I shall now proceed to make sure I don’t let them take over my little reptile brain.

I’m focusing on the house a lot, nesting I suppose.
I got a daybed, a mattress, a leatherette cover for the mattress to combat my darling little Ottov2’s pee issues, some cheapo duvets for my down comforter and am quite comfy at night now. My back problems are settling down and I sleep pretty well most nights. I still have some futzing to do with pillows and other decorating things (also need to redo my floors, but later…) but it is comfy and suits my current design aesthetic.

I’ve yet to attack the living room mess. I slept all last weekend and pretty much ignored everything except for food and cat maintenance. I think I needed it.
No visitors at all (invited or otherwise unannounced) and I did take the garbage cans out at the end of the week to the curb. (I hate doing that, but I don’t think I will be generating much in the way of trash or recycle on my own, so doing this every couple of weeks should be tolerable.)
My latest attempt at keeping the house tidy is to do one thing a night when I get home…or rather, one thing a night before I go to bed. Run the dishwasher or empty it, run a load of wash, fold a load of wash, etc…. cat things are every night, but I can keep up with that. It is somewhat manageable.
I’m also having to rethink my cooking habits. Cooking for less than 5 people (a.k.a. me, Tex and a day or so of leftovers) isn’t something I really think about. I don’t love leftovers, my recipes tend to need to be cooked in certain ratios that don’t lend themselves to single servings, so it can get a little squirrelly. I did find that brussels sprouts from Trader Joe’s actually survive reheating and I’ll work on making certain things and freezing them to cook. Mostly I’m trying to make up for my bad karma from all the wasted food last year, Yes, there were extenuating circumstances, but I still feel guilty.
Also in the pile of crap to do is to get back onto my Javascript online course and relearn all that I forgot since I was interrupted last year. I will take some formal courses eventually, but the thought of having to to find a school, register, go to classes and manage to settle into a new routine before spring classes started made me tired, So I’ll ponder either short night courses if they are available or a summer course.
Suggestions welcome.

I have a couple of trips planned for the next few months, so I need to get my suitcase stuff organized. Maybe that and knitting more hats will be this long weekend’s primary focus. I also have a hankering to go take pictures (both the SLR and with Hipstamatic) but I don’t know that I want to be driving around touristy areas on a holiday weekend (and just learned Mavericks is this weekend as well…yikes), so I might just do some local stuff.
Speaking of Hipstamatic, I got myself a present. This case (for the iPhone that I use as a camera) and am itchy to wander around with it and get some fun shots.


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