Cleaning and nonesuch

I like the word nonesuch, get used to it.
Here’s how I am dealing with my THROBBING BIOLOGICAL (shopping) URGES; I watch videos of tiny homes (this is nice but extreme

, this one has lots of good ideas
, and Deek is totally my new internet boyfriend) and look around at pictures of them. It helps. It also makes me really sick of things as they are (work, traffic, all the men in our government trying to make women into cattle who aren’t human again and are still fully invested in the virgin/whore dichotomy, clutter, etc.) Working on it.

Also, am clearing out more stuff everyday for a neighborhood garage sale my friend’s mom has yearly (very handy that; I don’t have to talk to people and someone I like profits from this stuff that is not destined to be landfill) and rearranging the house a bit now that the kittens are more catlets than kittens. However, I now have even more specifics to focus on – like the fact that Ottov2 still wants to pee… now on the bed. Luckily, I already had a waterproof mattress cover on leftover from Bunny which was comfy, so I saw no reason to replace it (also I am clumsy and like to drink coffee in bed). We’ve added another larger catbox, started feeding her more canned food…I have no problem with canned food, but she wasn’t interested in it for a while …and basically put her in the catbox every time she turned around. Sometimes she used it, sometimes not. Fascinating, non?

Yes, it is an ongoing battle for urinary supremacy.
I had the wing chair (that really didn’t fit me) on the list for either craigslist or the garage sale, but then Tex decided he wanted because it did fit him it so we’ll get it reupholstered in something like my future Tullsta cover (shipping soon, its bespoke, yo…) and the footstool I have. Eventually I will get my book sofa recovered and the mama ottoman, too. (I bought the sofa with the proceeds of my first print work, the ottoman mama bought for me. Thanks mama!) then all my furniture will match! This could take a while though. But hey, something to track to. I do well with that.

This weekend was nice. It was one of the first weekends where I haven’t imitated a coma patient by having nap after nap after nap and not getting much done except for caffeine production, kitten food distribution and very basic hygiene. The weather was nice, too. Warmer than the last 2 summers here (not that I mind, I really dig polarfleece) and I opened up the house (while the catlets bitched from Ft. Kitten) and swept, vacuumed, took out all the chewable cat forts (empty cardboard boxes), took the wing chair down to the staging area (fancy word for the garage) to get it the hell out of my way. When I let the catlets out, Ottov2 was very jumpy at the changes (this does not bode well for moves of apartment) but Moon Pie was in heaven with all the new mountains to climb, not to mention things to burrow under.

I am somewhat obsessed with is LED candles with timers. They run on AAA batteries (I use rechargeables), they can either be turned on and left on or set to timer so that they turn on each day on the time you switched it to timer; then they stay on for several hours and turn off. I love candles, but I have kittens. Unfortunately I’ve bought out Target and I seem to have been cut off…sigh. Step up the ordering Target.

Next things on the list are:

  • sorting camping equipment
  • getting rid of all the dvd plastic cases and putting the discs in sleeves
  • making the back closet closable and potentially letting the kittens in the sitting room*

I’ve also got my annual Green Bay In the MIddle Of Friggin’ Winter trip coming up.
Yes, I am packed, no, I haven’t made my plane reservations yet. Fine, i’ll make with the clicking.

Also, vote for me willya?
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Inline image 1

*only when ottov2 stops peeing anywhere but her litter box and possibly when I wrassle Moon Pie down and trim her razor sharp claws


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