Not a packing list

…or an in depth discussion of how my closet is arranged, or even a discussion about how Ottov2 is reacting differently to being a grown up kitty than how Moon Pie is.

I suspect I will be able to write a more interesting post after this weekend as I sit on the bed next to 2 very cranky kittens in a small crate recovering from neutering. They will not be happy with me, but ah well. Hard to explain that to the babies except for mind meld.


One thought on “Not a packing list

  1. Smoke did fine [well, except for the invasion by the dogs from next door]. Not sure how you will give them Extra attention, just try to keep them from jumping down from heights. Honey did that without thinking about it, hurt herself. They will be back to normal in a week or so, and the better off for the process. Sorry, though, for the trauma [all three of you]. mlya

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