Food things

Apparently I’m turning into a cooking fiend. I still hate exact measurements, I’d rather experiment with a few things than follow a recipe and little piles of fabulously artful flavors kinda freaks me out, but I find myself being inexplicably (and irritatingly) earnest about my feelings on food.
Yeah, sorry.
But when it comes down to it, I love watching what people can do with old heirloom recipes or a few really beautiful pieces of cheese/meat/veggies/whatever and it still startles me when someone likes my cooking (not just in the ‘humor the moron’ way)…
No I probably will never feel like I’m not in 2nd grade.
Anyhoo, I found a nice little trick on teh intarweb about substituting sour cream for oil and made a sweet potato bread. It turned out nicely, kinda spice cake-ish. Not as orgasmic as the banana sour cream bread I generally make but I’m on bit of a sweet potato bender, so I went that direction instead. Not too bad.
Thanksgiving was low key. I’m not totally amused with my life right now and I didn’t make it to the store the days rolling up to Thursday, so I wasn’t all that gung-ho about being too culinarily exciting.

I did make a roast chicken (one of the fabu fancy ones from Trader Joe’s)
Thanksgiving chicken

Evil cornbread
Evil cornbread

Roasted veggies (sweet potato cubes, mushrooms, carrots in butter)
Roasty veg

Sautéed mushrooms and baby spinach

Peach cobbler
peach cobbler

I spent most of the day thinking about my dream kitchen (my dream kitchen isn’t over the top so I should probably call it my “if I could make actual changes to a kitchen” kitchen.) and what I wanted based on ongoing irritation or things that aren’t a priority for me despite other people swearing they can’t live without whatever item it is they are talking about.

It was a nice day and low key. I’m tired and sore but I don’t think it is from standing all day, I’ve been a bit tense lately so I’m sure that doesn’t help. I think something is due to change, but isn’t know if that will good or bad or just be different.

Kittens are cute, furry, messy and due to be spayed soon… I’m not looking forward to that.


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