has been work, more work, stupid people, disorganized arsehole people, flu and kitten antics.
I’m tired and since we are down a few people (just in time for the stupid season) we are slammed. I hate it to put it mildly.

Moon Pie is currently sitting in the Ft Kitten after transgressing the sanctity of the blocked off kitchen (without me letting her in). She seems confused, but I’m tired of fussing at her so she’s making pitiful noises while I am 5 feet away on the bed doing work. I’m thinking of knitting for a few minutes to see if she freaks out.
Ottov2 is in there, too, mostly because I don’t put one in without the other. She doesn’t seem to care, she sleeps in there all the time.

I’m sort of finally over that nasty flu crap I got last month, the house is still messy but I’m managing to do things on the to do list every day, the kittens are playful (and now in her bed) so I suppose I’ll take that.

Managed to devour a series of books (Mercedes Thompson series by Patricia Briggs) and staying up too late. But, that’s it. Nothing else interesting lately. Unless you find going to the pet store to buy canned food for the babies amazing….

(Moon Pie is yelling again. I remain unmoved. The little scamp…)

Photo on 10-14-11 at 3.15 PM

Photo on 10-14-11 at 1.30 PM #4


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